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0% APR Credit Cards

No interest of 0% APR credit cards allow credit card holders various ways of saving money on transferred balances or on new purchases. 0% APR credit cards are marketed by credit card companies to attract new customers. 0% APR credit cards allow account holders to pay zero interest on purchases or transfer large balances on existing credit cards for a specified amount of time, generally ranging 6 to up to 24 months. Most 0% APR credit card offers are available only to card holders with good credit histories.

Choosing A O% APR Credit Card

Many credit card companies provide no interest credit cards free of annual fees and offer rewards or cashback opportunities though they are often hard to find.
Most 0% APR credit cards charge a service fee for up to 3% of the transferred balance and also charge account holders higher interest rates and annual fees. When choosing a 0% APR credit card, it is often best to comparison shop to ascertain a card which best suits your financial situation. When choosing a 0% APR credit card, be aware that most credit card companies offering 0% APR options rely on card holders to not reduce outstanding balances within the specified time period and generally charge higher rates of interest and annual fees following the cessation of the 0% APR "interest vacation" or time period.

Maximizing Advantages Of Balance Transfer Credit Cards

The best ways to maximize advantages of balance transfer credit cards is to make timely payments and reduce your balance before the interest free time period ends. For most credit account holders, this is may be an impossible financial feat. Many account holders annually seek new 0% APR credit accounts annually by transferring balances repeatedly. Some 0% APR credit card companies are willing to waive or reduce transfer fees for new customers. Most credit card companies do not allow cash advances to be charged at a 0% APR rate and most banks distinctly separate cash advances from balance transfers and purchases made with credit cards. If you are planning on making large purchases in the future, a 0% APR card will assist in reducing your existing credit card debt load and perhaps save money or reap rewards and incentives with future purchases.


Taking advantage of the multitude of 0% APR credit cards is generally a great way to save considerable amounts of money and significantly reduce debt. Comparison shopping and choosing 0% APR credit cards with no annual fees or hidden charges is often key to building a successful financial future.

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