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10 Best Death Cab for Cutie Songs

Death Cab For Cutie is an American indie-pop rock band founded at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington during 1997. The band was originally a solo project created by Ben Gibbard on vocals and guitar. Gibbard had previously recorded with the moniker All-Time Quarterback and went on to found Death Cab For Cutie. Gibbard enlisted his friend Chris Walla for keyboard and guitars and the pair recorded the first demo album entitled You Can Play These Songs. A record deal offered by Barsuk Records soon followed and Gibbard expanded the band to include Nick Harmer on bass and Nathan Good on percussion.

On August 18, 1998, Death Cab For Cutie released the LP Something About Airplanes and the song was well received on the independent music scene. A second album followed in 2000, entitled We Have The Faces And We're Voting Yes despite a shifting of band mates with Nathan Good's departure. Jayson Tolzdorf-Larson replaced Good on only two songs from the album and joined the band on two tours, including their first U.S. tour. Tolzdorf-Larson was later then replaced by Michael Schorr for the band's third extended play Forbidden Love released on October 24, 2000. The band's popularity soared coupled with constant touring and album success. The band cultivated a strong fan base which led to the release of their third full length album entitled The Photo Album in 2001. The 2003 release of Transatlanticism included the addition of a new drummer, Jason McGerr, replacing Schorr. The album was quickly certified gold within the United States and many of the tracks from Transatlanticism went mainstream with television shows like: the O.C., Six Feet Under, CSI: Miami; and films like: the Wedding Crashers and Mean Creek. An extended play entitled The John Byrd EP was released following the success of Transatlanticism in March 2004. In 2005, the release of the album Plans led to platinum certification within the U.S. and gold certification within Canada. In 2008, Death Cab For Cutie released Narrow Stairs which topped many international charts and quickly was certified gold within the U.S. The highly anticipated release of Codes And Keys, Death Cab For Cutie's seventh album, is expected to debut in Spring 2011.

Death Cab For Cutie is revered as one of the most important and influential modern bands worldwide. With the blending of melodic instrumentals, a purity of emotional lyrics, and a genuine sincerity unlike most bands of the same musical genre, Death Cab For Cutie stands testament to quality. Here are the 10 Best Death Cab For Cutie Songs:

1. Tiny Vessels

2. The Sound Of Settling

3. I Will Possess Your Heart

4. A Movie Script Ending

5. Soul Meets Body

6. I Will Follow You Into The Dark

7. No Sunlight

8. Summer Skin

9. The Ice Is Getting Thinner

10. Cath

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