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10 Best Free Apps for Beginner Android Users

In the electronic jungle of more than 675,000 applications for Android and other mobile devices, it’s hard to find the best of them. Especially when the best things in life are free. Hunting for free applications offered by third parties which meet or surpass security expectations (and that work as well as developers claim) is sometimes more than difficult. Like thrashing a trail through a thick forest. To make your search a bit easier, we’ve found the 10 Best Free Apps For Beginner Android Users. The apps on the following list are from trusted sources and help users manage, utilize, and improve the overall function and fun of their Android. Check them out and enjoy!

1. AndExplorer

One of the highest rated file managing, exploring apps available today is the AndExplorer. It features means of sorting, renaming, sending, sharing, searching, uncompressing, browsing, and storing folders, photos, and files all with one ad-free app. Plus it also provides encrypted ZIP support, the ability to uncompress ZIP, GZIP, and TAR files, as well as means of bundling/uploading photos to users’ preferred cloud storage service. AndExplorer is one of the best PC-like file management software apps available. Plus it’s FREE!

For more about the AndExplorer app, go here

2. Carat

Carat is a fantastic free app which prevents all of your other apps from sucking the life out of your battery. Featuring everything users need to identify battery sucking apps, Carat offers users a personalized report of which apps should be shut down or uninstalled just after one week of use. Best of all, this app was developed to ensure it doesn’t drain the juice from your battery so it can effectively improve maximum efficiency of your mobile device.

For more about the Carat app, go here

3. Feedly

Keep track of your favorite blogs with one of the most popular free apps which helps you organize your favorite RSS/news readers from your phone, iPad, and other mobile devices with Feedly. This app organizes all of your favorite sites into customized, color coded folders and works at a lightning fast pace to allow users to find, sort, share and even save content for later via Instapaper and Pocket.

For more about the Feedly app, go here

4. Friday

If you’d like a searchable memory of your favorite people, tunes, pictures, texts, emails, calls, and even social network events, you’re going to love the Friday app. This app builds a timeline of all of that you do with your phone or mobile device plus it allows users to share and log their favorite past-times. A great app for those with a bad memory or those who are just plain sentimental, Friday is the best electronic friend/passive personal assistant/digital journal available.

For more about the Friday app, go here

5. Kies air

Most people rank the Kies air app with 5 stars for its amazing powers of management. This app enables users to save, access, and transfer the contents of their Android to any PC or mobile browser through Wi-Fi. This app allows you to connect your phone with your laptop, let the app do a quick scan, and manage the information, pictures, texts, calls, and events stored on your mobile device. Kies air is great for sharing wirelessly and uploading pictures plus it’s a true gem for getting organized!

For more about the Kies air app, go here

6. LINE Camera

LINE Camera is the number one app in the terms of photo editing and is a leader in the camera category of Android apps. With over 15 million worldwide users, LINE is free, fun, and allows you to decorate, design, share, stamp, and illustrate any picture you take with your mobile device. Offering a timer function, 800 stamps, 100 frames, 20 unique filers, 156 brushes, and the ability to share images on all of the major social networks, this app is not only free but PHENOMENAL!!!

For more about the LINE Camera app, go here

7. Lookout

Lookout is the top rated, most trusted, and entirely essential app which offers your mobile device protection from viruses, malware, loss, and theft. As a bonus, it also provides complete control of any information on your phone and other devices as well as means of backing up and managing all of your data in the event it is lost, stolen, or completely wiped out. Best of all it’s free and users can upgrade to Lookout Premium for even more security. Highly ranked and lauded as “excellent,” “a must-have app” and “5 out of 5 stars” by PC Mag, TechCrunch, CNET, and PCWorld, Lookout is a great app for everyone.

For more about the Lookout app, go here

8. Pandora

The world’s most favorite internet radio is now available for your mobile phone, iPad, e-reader, and other mobile devices. That’s right, music lovers: Pandora has a free, fully integrated app which allows users to create and personalize their favorite music from your computer to your phone! Pick your favorite artists, create your own stations, and take advantage of access to hundreds of artists, musicians, and performers to listen to whatever you like whenever you want.

For more about the Pandora app, go here

9. Pocket

If you are hard pressed for time, chances are you find articles, videos, and websites that you like but don’t have time to peruse. Thanks to the #1 news app, Pocket offers users the means of saving and viewing nearly whatever you like that you find online. This now free app has an easy to use layout which allows users to sync their favorite content even without an internet connection thanks to its “Read It Later” function. Recognized as “DVR for the web” by the New York Times, TechCrunch, and Business Week, Pocket offers an easily accessible, seamless transition from mobile phones, tablets, and computers for all of your favorite sites, shows, and articles.

For more about the Pocket app, go here

10. Shazam

Free Fun...who can resist? Entertainment lovers rejoice because the Shazam app offers you the most unusual, unbelievable, and amazement your little hands can hold. Plus it gives you access to identifying songs you don’t know, means of tagging and sharing, the ability to stream lyrics matching the beat of your favorite tunes, and the ability to explore television, brands, and music in seconds. Completely, entirely free and totally unlimited in terms of possibilities, NBC Today Show hostess Hoda Kotb best described Shazam with: “This is the best thing EVER!”

For more about the Shazam app, go here

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