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10 Best Geek Movies of All Time

The website Masters In It just posted a list of the top 50 geek movies of all time. It's the best list we've seen and there's no way we could have done a better job. But we did feel that it was our prerogative to chime in and list our top 10 Geek Movies of All Time. We even included a few movies not included in their list because they left off some of our favorites.

Ok. We totally realize that this list is skewed towards our own personal preferences. So more emphasis on comedy and action and less on sci-fi (yep, no Star Trek cause we think Star Trek is for nerds, not geeks;)

10. Run Lola Run
9. The Crow
8. Zombieland
7. Office Space
6. Army of Darkness
5. Hellboy
4. The Dark Crystal
3. Princess Bride
2. Serenity
1. The Star Wars Franchise

So what do you think? What are your favorite geek movies of all time?

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