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10 Best Katy Perry Songs

Katy Perry (nee Katheryn Hudson) is American pop recording artist and Santa Barbara, California, native. Perry was to born to Christian parents who both worked as ministers. Perry began her musical career in Nashville, Tennessee, by singing gospel music after earning her G.E.D. during her freshman year of high school. In 2001, using the name Katy Hudson, Perry released a self-titled gospel album but the record label producing the album closed. Perry worked with the production team The Matrix and nearly completed a solo album three years later but neither were released. In 2007, Perry signed on with Capitol Music Group, officially changed her name to her mother's maiden name as an attempt to distinguish herself from actress Kate Hudson. Later that year, Perry released her first single entitled "Ur So Gay." The song failed to reach the charts but one year later, Perry's song "I Kissed A Girl" broke records and earned her huge international success. Perry's first album, One Of The Boys, followed the release of "I Kissed A Girl," and earned multiplatinum certification, and became the 33rd best selling album of 2008. Two years later, Perry's second album, debuted in the number one spot on Billboard's charts and earned worldwide recognition. Perry's musical style is classified as "secular rock" peppered with influences of electronica, rap, and some gospel. Here are the 10 Best Katy Perry Songs:

1. Hot N Cold

2. Teenage Dream

3. I Kissed A Girl (And I Liked It)

4. Last Friday Night

5. Fingerprints

6. Firework

7. Thinking Of You

8. I'm Still Breathing

9. Self Inflicted

10. Waking Up In Vegas

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