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10 Best the Lumineers Songs

The Lumineers are one of the most soul rocking, heart swelling, and story telling American folk rock/Indie bands able to capture the essence of past and present times with a sound combining acoustic rock, catchy pop, and folk.

Almost in despite of their success, The Lumineers still stand strong in the fact that hard work, determination, and motivation pay off. Battling and often embodying the absolute feelings of isolation, despair, and heartbreak, the group effectively conveys all aspects of the human condition in a world growing increasingly detached from the very roots of what makes us human. With a rare but true grace, unwavering talent, timeless sound, and genuine gratitude for playing music, The Lumineers are certain to stay prominent on the music scene. Listen and decide for yourself with the following 10 Best The Lumineers Songs:

1. Big Parade

2. Hey Ho

3. This Must Be The Place

4. Morning Song

5. Stubborn Love

6. Charlie Boy

7. Eloise

8. Dead Sea

9. I Ain’t Nobody’s Problem

10. Slow It Down

The Denver, Colorado area band consist of childhood best friends Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites who grew up in Ramsey, New Jersey. Over the years, the pair have shared more than music. Both loved to draw and channelled their artistic abilities into music after Fraites’ younger brother, Josh, died from a drug overdose in 2002. Finding solace in writing and playing music, with Schultz on lead vocals and guitar and Fraites on drums and vocals, the pair first secured a niche in the New York City music scene. Years of paying live throughout the City and surrounding areas offered them exposure yet they grew tired of the exorbitantly high cost of living.

During 2005, the duo packed a trailer full of musical instruments and few suitcases for the clothes that they owned and relocated to Denver in what the pair describe as an “act of stubborn hopelessness.” There Neyla Pekarek, a native to Denver who was classically trained, found them. Her response to a Craigslist advertisement placed by Schultz and Fraites led them to add her to the band, on cello, piano, mandolin, and vocals, and the group became a trio. Regularly playing the Tuesday evening open mic night at Denver’s Meadowlark, a basement club where the area’s greatest songwriters and musicians frequented for dollar beers and good company, offered the trio the chance to gradually expand their skills, fan base, and popularity.

After five years of playing, the group had self recorded and released their first EP in 2011. That year they embarked on a self booked tour throughout the western and coastal eastern sections of the U.S., attracting listeners from the very young to the older generations due to the pull of heartfelt lyrics, pounding rhythms, and foot stomping beats. During December 2011, the group released their first single, “Hey Ho.” The song charted at #73 on U.S. charts, #16 on U.S. alternative charts, #14 on U.S. rock charts, and #31 on Canadian rock charts. It also earned the band a great deal of attention when it went on to be featured in an episode of the television show Hart of Dixie and was aired during June 2012 in Bing commercial advertisement. Within just a few short months, the single reached #1 position on commercial Triple A radio and steadily rose to the top of commercial Alternative radio charts. As the band continued to gain praise and popularity, they continued to play live gigs and promote their songs.

When the group’s self titled debut album was released under the label Dualtone Records on April 3, 2012, the band secured its position on music US charts. The debut peaked at the #17 position on Billboard’s Top 200 and by June 27, 2012, the album earned its place as #6 on U.S. indie charts, #38 on Billboard’s Overall Current Chart, and #15 on overall digital charts. Of the seemingly overnight success of the album, Schultz candidly expressed during an American Songwriter interview “It’s really arbitrary to any of us, especially Jer [Faites] and Neyla and I...because we’ve never really had an album out in this way...I’m really thrilled, but I also take it with a grain of salt...I think basically, I feel really lucky because I know how fickle the business, the industry is.”

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