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10 Best of Monsters and Men Songs

Of Monsters and Men is an Icelandic indie-folk band which began during 2009 as a six piece group. With growing appeal, massive talent, and a sound which strikes the primitive soul of music fans, Of Monsters and Men is certain to remain steady on the waves of success. Here are the 10 Best Of Monsters and Men songs:

Top 10 Of Monsters and Men Songs

1. Little Talks

2. Dirty Paws

3. Six Weeks

4. Yellow Light

5. From Finner

6. Beneath My Bed

7. Sloom

8. Sinking Man

9. Slow and Steady

10. Love Love Love

Featuring the talent of co-singer and guitarist Nana Bryndis Hilmarsdottir, co-singer and guitarist Ragnar “Raggi” Porhallsson, guitarist Brynjar Leifsson, drummer Arnar Rosenkranz Hilmarsson, pianist and accordian player Ami Guiojonsson, and bassist Kristjan Pall Kristjansson, the band originated as a the quartet “Songbird.” The group originally began with Nanna, Raggi, Brynjar, and Arnar and grew to add Ami and Kristjan during 2010 upon earning Iceland’s annual battle of the bands competition, Musiktilraunir. With all six members, Of Monsters and Men focused on touring, performing live venues, and producing new material.

A performance at the 2010 Iceland Airwaves festival proved to be a lucky break for the group, as the gig grabbed the attention of the Seattle based radio station KEXP. KEXP secured the band’s success with a Living Room session recording of the band’s song “Little Talks.” The recording led to a record deal just months later in February 2011. Upon signing onto Record Records, the group prepared and released its first album, “My Head Is An Animal.”

Initially only released in Iceland, the group gained world wide attention when during August 2011, Philadelphia station Radio 104.5 aired “LIttle Talks.” This propelled the album’s position to top music charts in Iceland and led to the eventual spread of the band’s success to the United States. Within four months, on December 20, 2011, Of Monsters and Men p had again been signed, this time with Universal records, and released its first EP, titled “Into The Woods.” The EP album included four songs from “My Head Is An Animal” and other original tracks. During April 2012, the both “My Head is An Animal” and “Into The Woods” debuted in the U.S. and the band rapidly gained attention and momentum.

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