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10 Best OK Go Songs

OK Go is an award winning, American rock band formed in Chicago, Illinois during 1998. The band is comprised of Damian Kulash on lead vocals and guitar, Tim Norwind on bass guitar and vocals, Dan Konopka on lead vocals and guitar, and Andy Ross on guitar, keyboards, and vocals.

Kulash and Norwind met when they were 11 years old at Interlochen Arts Camp. The pair named the band after an art teacher who would instruct their class to draw by saying "OK...Go." During their camp days, Kulash and Norwind formed a band called The Greased Ferrets, using folding chairs as drums, and maintained their friendship as years passed, sending mixed tapes to one another. During Kulash and Norwind's high school years they met Andy Duncan (who was later replaced by Andy Ross in 2005.) A few years later, Konopka joined the band and they have been making music, to the adoration of fans worldwide since.

OK Go combines a combination of indie and alternative rock, power pop, and a touch of techno to deliver witty lyrics, catchy beats, satire, and screaming guitars. OK Go possesses a distinct brand of sound, not typical of most modern day "boy bands," recording artists, or musical groups. Here are the 10 Best OK Go Songs:

1. This Too Shall Pass

2. Last Leaf

3. Get Over It

4. Do What You Want

5. White Knuckles

6. W.T.F.

7. End Love

8. Invincible

9. Phenomenon

10. Don't Ask Me

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