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10 Best Paul Thorn Songs

Paul Thorn, Americana singer and songwriter, has been described as “the best kept secret in the music business” by the legendary Kris Kristofferson. Also dubbed the “Mark Twain of Americana,” Thorn’s craft has impressed audiences and fans since the late 1990s.

For over 15 years, Thorn, his guitarist Bill Hinds, his keyboardist Michael Graham, his bassist Ralph Friedrichsen, drummer Jeffrey Perkins, and collaborations with Billy Maddox, have entertained audiences with a powerful look at modern humanity, painful heartache, and reaffirming salvation. See for yourself with the following 10 Best Paul Thorn Songs:

1. Tequila Is Good For The Heart

2. What The Hell Is Goin’ On

3. Everybody Wishes

4. Love Scar

5. We May Not Have A Future But We Sure Do Have A Past

6. Snake Farm

7. What Have You Done To Lift Somebody Up

8. It’s A Great Day

9. A Woman To Love

10. When The Long Road Ends

Blending all elements of blues, Southern rock, country, and even gospel, Thorn’s talent is outstandingly soulful and evocative, rooted in semi-autobiographical lyrics, gritty experiences, and gruff honesty. Some may credit Thorn’s short lived professional boxing career with a nationally televised match with Roberto Duran, the former world champion, as a key source of musical inspiration though his abilities in the field are inherent. Thorn was born in Wisconsin and raised within a family of musicians in Tupelo, Mississippi (hometown of Elvis Presley). Thorn’s cousin, Stan, is a keyboardist who has played for the country band Shenandoah and Kay Bain’s Saturday Mornin’ Band. Thorn’s father, a Pentecostal preacher, and his uncle, a pimp also greatly influenced the musician as he grew up observing the differences in their lives.

Thorn initially established his career by performing within clubs. During 1997, Thorn was discovered by Miles Copeland, brother of drummer Stewart Copeland for the band The Police. A contract with A&M Records followed. Thorn recorded and released his debut album, Hammer & Nail that year and slowly gained attention. The 1999 release of his second album, Ain’t Love Strange, followed under the production of Ark Records. A third album, Mission Temple Fireworks Stand, followed during August 2002 with the label Narada/Perpetual Obscurity. The album featured contemplative tracks like “Things Left Undone” and “Nothin’ But The Devil” and gradually propelled Thorn’s momentum. The release of A Long Way From Tupelo by Fantasy Records in 2008 landed as #191 within Billboard’s Top 200, #7 on U.S. Heat Charts, and #27 on Indie charts. Tracks like “Everybody Wishes,” “All About People,” and “What Have You Done To Lift Somebody Up” secured Thorn’s musicianship and led to performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The 2010 release of his fifth album, Pimps and Preachers was again produced by Perpetual Obscurity. The album reached the 83rd spot on Billboard’s Top 200 chart, #24 on U.S. charts, and 27th on national Indie charts featuring songs like “Love Scar,” “Tequila Is Good For The Heart,” and “Better Days Ahead” effectively captured the life and times in the U.S. and the delicate walk of saints and sinners. The May 2012 release of What The Hell Is Goin’ On by Perpetual Obscurity in May 2012, earned Thorn increasing success. The album reached #88 on Billboard’s Top 200, #31 on U.S. Rock charts, and #12 on Indie charts. The album featured 12 cover songs of various musicians and recording artists Thorn found inspiration in as well as exemplified Thorn’s range as a performer. Additionally, Thorn’s venues opening for a range of musicians, including Mark Knopfler, Bonnie Raitt, Jeff Beck, John Prine, Robert Cray, Marianne Faithful, Huey Lewis & the News, and Sting, have helped to secure his place as one of the best musical storytellers of our time.

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