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10 Best Songs About Hope

Hope is the sustained belief in a positive outcome despite discouraging events and circumstances one faces along the road of life. Hope involves the combination of expecting positive outcomes and forging a path through difficulties. Psychological studies have proven that people with low hope reserves are more likely to be anxiety ridden and depressed. A general rule of life is where thoughts go, energy flows and keeping your spirits up is a great way to remain hopeful. Music has the power to inspire hope and confidence even while facing the most difficult struggles. Here are the 10 Best Songs About Hope:

1. Our Hope Endures By Natalie Grant

2. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. By Noah and The Whale

3. This Is My Now By Jordin Sparks

4. Lose Yourself By Eminem

5. Little Wonders By Rob Thomas

6. Meaning By Gavin DeGraw

7. Tubthumping By Chumbawumba

8. Drive By Incubus

9. Imagine By John Lennon

10. Times Like These By The Foo Fighters

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