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10 Best Songs About Pot

Pot, weed, bud, chronic, grass, ganja, dope, herb, Mary Jane...whatever you call it, it's all cannabis or marijuana. Marijuana has a multitude of uses but is often smoked for medical or recreational reasons. Regardless your reason for a toke, here are the 10 Best Songs About Pot:

1. La Cucaracha Spanish Folk Corrido (circa the Granada War 1492)

2. If You're A Viper By Leroy "Stuff" Smith

3. Let's All Get Stoned By Sublime

3. I Am A Walrus By The Beatles

5. Legalize It By Peter Tosh

6. Pass The Dutchie By Musical Youth

7. Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk By Cypress Hill

8. Smoke Two Joints By Toyes

9. You Don't Know How It Feels By Tom Petty

10. Lets Get Blown By Snoop Dogg Featuring Pharell

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