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10 Best Time Saving Apps for Single Parents

As every parent knows, time is the only resource which really, truly matters when raising kids. In the often chaotic pace of raising little ones on your own, things sometimes get a little hectic. To help you better manage your time, strength, energy, and resources, we’ve selected the 10 Best Time Saving Apps For Busy Parents. The following list includes something for everyone who seeks to preserve and conserve their most precious assets and moments based upon the best technology available.

1. Easy Envelope Budget Aid

Every parent, particularly those who are single, needs a budget. To help you manage your personal and household finances, reach for the Easy Envelope Budget Aid. This app is featured by Lifehacker, Google, and for its stellar money management and cash budget tracking tools. It tracks your expenses, provides detailed reports of expenses, offers bill reminders, includes a checkbook register complete with a cleared balance and reconcilation feature, and even backs up to the Easy Envelope Budget Aid website.

For more regarding the Easy Envelope Budget Aid, go here.

2. What’s For Dinner

Everyone gets ravenous at the end of the day. Since we are what we eat, it’s best to fill up on food that is good for you. If your culinary creativity is tapped out, there’s an app to answer the daily question of What’s For Dinner. This app provides access to most popular recipe websites like,, Cooking Light, and several others then builds categorized shopping lists to make sure you have the necessary ingredients. Best of all, you can save the kid tested and mother approved recipes for future meals!

For more about the What’s For Dinner app, go here.

3. Parenting Ages & Stages

One of the most popular parenting magazines has a new app designed to keep all moms and dads aware of information pertaining to the development of their child. This customizable app, based on their child’s age and developmental stage, allows parents to peruse parenting guides to receive news, tips, and notifications of product recalls while celebrating milestones with daily updates from Parenting experts, editors, and even readers. Truly a great app, Parenting Ages & Stages will help you improve your understanding of your child from birth to beyond high school!

For more about the Parenting Ages & Stages app, go here.

4. iFixit

A single parent knows the value of stretching a dollar, especially when things break as often as they do with little ones in the house. From the digital camera your two year old accidently dropped to your iPad, PC laptop, game system, cell phone, Harley, and even some cars, iFixit is great for the do-it-yourselfer who doesn’t want to have to pay megabucks to repair nearly everything. Featuring step by step manuals, great images, and thorough instructions, iFixit, as Reuters states: “Demonstrates the old-fashioned virtue of repair and extending the lifespan of devices.” Make it yours today!

For more about the iFixit app, go here

5. Birthdays

Never forget Aunt Martha’s (or non-Facebook friends’) birthdays again with the Birthdays app. It features the best notifications, widgets, and reminders to help you make sure your birthday wishes and gifts are not forgotten and arrive in time! This app even allows users to import friends from Facebook and post messages to their profiles using templates! Additionally, it also can even dial calls and helps with customized emails to help you greet the birthday boy or girl!

For more about the Birthdays app, go here.

6. Gasbuddy

Finding the cheapest gas in your region is often as impossible as trying to soothe a baby with colic. It doesn’t usually happen without help. The Gasbuddy app is a great tool to get you the most bang for your buck and fill your tank at the lowest prices available. As one user offered: “this app saves me so much it’s ridiculous.” Gasbuddy does this by sourcing the lowest petrol prices in your area (which generally range as much as 20 cents per pump) just by plugging in your zip code. It also helps you help others by directing them to the cheapest vendor with its report option and earns you points and awards in the process. And best of all, users can earn a chance to win $250 worth of gas every week!

To find out more about the Gasbuddy app, go here.

7. Waze

You can’t eliminate the “Are we there yets” from the back seat drivers but you can never get lost again using Waze. This app combines the best of navigation with the best of Google maps to ensure you arrive at every destination safely. Over 30 million users attest that the voice guided turn by turn directions, interesting spots sharing feature, and means of recording the specifics about your trip engage users, fellow travelers, and of course, backseat drivers! Additionally, its live maps, traffic data and accident monitoring, free parking indicators, and commuter sharing features allow you to navigate and contribute to all information available while you’re out on the road.

To find out more about the Waze app, go here.

8. Sound Hound

You’re four year old, despite his terrible cough, is climbing the walls board in the doctor’s office room waiting for the professional in a white coat to ascertain his condition. After endless rounds of tic tac toe on a napkin you find in your coat pocket or purse, he starts to sing. Reach for your phone, have him or her pretend it’s a mic, and let the Sound Hound app work its magic. This sound identifying app features fast music recognition and can pick up even preschoolers’ hums and melodies. And it give you a free song stream, access to new and upcoming artists and groups, a neat geotagging feature, and means of sharing everything you find on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, users may purchase links, retrieve YouTube videos, and gives users LiveLyrics so they can see the lyrics move in real time with the songs they love!!!

To find out more about the Sound Hound app, go here.

9. Grilling With Rich

Time savvy single parents know just how vital grilling foods rather than baking or cooking them is (waaaayy less time spent cleaning up). Plus your grill makes everything so yummy kids can’t refuse. One of the best ways to make grilling as simple and easy as humanly possible is by using the Grilling With Rich app. This app offers users everything from A Regular Guy Named Richard’s adventures in barbeque and grilling. Complete with recipes, how to videos, how to tips, rankings of barbeque sauce, restaurant reviews, and even celebrity barbeque chef pitmaster interviews, this app has something for even the most finicky palates.

To find out more about the Grilling With Rich app, go here.

10. LEGO App4+

Sometimes you just need a break. When all else fails, declare “Family Couch Time,” sit down, hand the little loves of your life your phone to play the LEGO App4+.
Kids ages 4 through 7 (and younger or older depending on ability) can improve their hand-eye coordination by building trucks with LEGO components, driving them, and collecting coins to unlock more blocks! Great for the imagination and fun for all, this app is nearly as wonderful as the staple blocks of nearly every child’s childhood! (Plus as a bonus, when “Family Couch Time” is over, there are no LEGOs underfoot or arguing about who needs to clean up...wink!)

To find out more about the LEGO App4+ app, go here.

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