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10 Best Tom Waits Songs

Tom Waits, an American singer, songwriter, and actor has a voice made of gravel, mixed with whiskey, and frozen with smoke. Waits mixes blues, jazz, and vaudeville to form his distinct sound bordering "industrial" aesthetics. Waits has worked as a composer for film and plays, as well as an actor for many films. Waits niche most certainly lies in his storytelling of seedy characters within dark barrooms, love, death, and modern convention. Here are the 10 Best Tom Waits Songs:

1. God's Away On Business

2. Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You

3. Another Man's Vine

4. Take Me Home

5. You Can Never Hold Back Spring

6. Angels In Heaven

7. Waltzing Matilda

8. Trampled Rose

9. Christmas Card From A Hooker in Minneapolis

10. Time

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