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10 Common Causes of Addiction

The reason a person becomes addicted can be complicated, and the 10 common causes of addiction will help to shed some light on the matter.

1. Genetics

A person can inherit a vulnerability when it comes to becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. This doesn't necessarily mean that a person with a family history of addiction is doomed to develop an addiction of their own. Not everyone born with this tendency develops an addiction, either.

2. Mental Health Concerns

Rates of addiction to drugs and/or alcohol are higher for people who also have a mental illness. They may start using as a way to deal with the symptoms of depression or anxiety.

3. Environmental Considerations

The place where you were brought up can influence whether you develop an addiction. If you spend time with people who are addicts, you are more likely to develop the same kinds of habits.

4. Lack of Spiritual/Religious Connection

People who are not affiliated with a specific religion may be more likely to feel empty or unfulfilled in their lives. Using a substance to feel better can be the start of a full-blown addiction.

5. Difficulty Coping with Thoughts and Feelings

A person who has trouble dealing with the trials and tribulations in their lives may start to use drugs or alcohol to help them calm down. Other people may start using to deal with feelings of sadness or boredom. A person who feels shy in social situations may find it easier to interact with other people after drinking or taking drugs.

6. Physical or Sexual Abuse

People who were abused as children may start using as a way to cope with the feelings of guilt, shame, and anger that remain after the abuse has stopped.

7. Low Tolerance for Frustration

A person who reacts badly to stress and becomes frustrated easily is at a higher risk of developing an addiction. They don't have the emotional makeup to ride out the situation and may turn to a substance to help them cope.

8. Low Self-Esteem

A person with self-esteem issues is more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol to feel better about themselves. They may start using to give their self-esteem a boost or to fit in with their peers. This type of individual may feel so bad about themselves that they start taking drugs because they don't care about the dangers involved in substance abuse.

9. Accessibility

The fact that drugs are available means that people are going to experiment with them. If you are interested in buying drugs, they are available at schools and in workplaces just about anywhere. A certain percentage of people who decide to try them will develop a full-blown addiction.

10. The Substance Itself

Some types of drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and meth, are highly addictive substances. It is possible to become addicted to them very quickly. In some cases, the person will develop a dependence after their first experience. It's common for people to think that they will be able to stop using any time they want, but this is usually not the case for someone who has developed an addiction.

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