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10 Evolutionary Approaches to Psychology and the Mind

The theory of evolution has transformed every discipline it has touched. One of the biggest impacts has been in psychology and philosophy of mind where the mind has gone from being an immaterial substance, to the operation of the brain. Now scientists studying the mind (as well as mental problems) are able to discover a great deal simply by understanding what's going on in the brain. Here's an infographic that takes a look at 10 different ways evolution has changed psychology and the mind:

10 Evolutionary Approaches to Psychology and the Mind
Source: Best Psychology Schools Online

1. Successful Trial for Alzheimer's Vaccine
2. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
3. Correlation Between Genes and Intelligence
4. Genetic Similarities Between Autism and ADHD
5. Your Brain On Love
6. Global Human Consciousness
7. Using Virtual Avatars to Generate Out Of Body Experiences
8. Erasing Memories
9. Social Networking And The Mind
10. Rewiring The Brain

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