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10 Highest Paying Careers

Trying to decide on a career path? Below, we've put together a sampling of the highest paying careers for 2012. To keep a balance, we've only included a maximum of two careers per field (health, business, science, engineering, etc.). A true list of the highest paying careers would be very skewed towards health care careers because that is the field with the highest demand and shortest supply at the moment.

For the best job security, we recommend a skilled career in health, sciences, engineering or tech. Other positions on the list such as CEO and even lawyer, carry a higher risk. Only one in every two law school students actually becomes a lawyer, and even then, many new lawyers only make $60,000 per year, barely enough to cover the loan expenses from school.

10 High Paying Career Paths

1. Surgeon
Average Salary: $225,390

2. Anesthesiologist
Salary: $220,100

3. Chief Executive Officer
Average Salary: $173,350

4. Lawyer
Average Salary: $129,440

5. Natural Sciences Manager
Average Salary: $129,320

6. Petroleum Engineer
Average Salary: $127,970

7. Architectural and Engineering Manager
Average Salary: $125,900

8. Computer and Information Systems Manager
Average Salary: $123,280

9. Marketing Manager
Average Salary: $122,720

10. Airline Pilot, Co-Pilot and Flight Engineer
Average Salary: $115,300

When choosing a career, it is important to consider more than salary. Other factors to consider include the amount of schooling that is necessary, the cost of education, the supply and demand for both the current job market and the future job market, and more than anything... what's going to satisfy you. High paying jobs often come with a heavy stress load, so make sure to consider your overall quality of life, not just salary, when making this critical decision.

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