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10 New & Lesser Known Songs From Mumford & Sons

mumford & sons

Mumford & Sons have become a huge overnight sensation and drastically revitalized the genre of folk rock. Rock legend Robert Plant was recently asked about his favorite artists at the moment and he named two: The Black Keys and Mumford & Sons.

What sets Mumford & Sons apart is the intoxicating nature of their music which has a festive, joyful, primal, hopefull yet realistic and deeply human feel. It penetrates the soul. And almost anyone who hears their music finds it both catchy and refreshing. Audiences at their concerts break out in spontaneous jigs.

Mumford & Sons has become well known as a touring band, covering Europe, USA and India over the last year. In the process, they have released several new songs as well as played less known ones. We've taken the time to collect as many as we could in this article. If you know of any lesser known (rare, cover, etc.) Mumford & Sons songs that we've missed, let us know in the comments.

Nothing is Written

To Darkness


Broken Crown

Unfinished Business

Lover of the Light

Below my Feet

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing


Wagon Wheel

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