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10 Somewhat Famous Geeks You Should Know

Thanks to our friends at Geeks Are Sexy we discovered this cool article highlighting ten of the up and coming, world-shaping geeks we should know about. And you just know it deep down in your soul: the geeks have inherited the earth (Google, Facebook, cyber-warfare, etc.)

To be honest, I only knew of Nate Silver so it was a nice, informative read.

Check it out, 10 Somewhat Famous Geeks You Should Know About:

10 Geeks You Should Know
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Top 10 Most Influential Geeks

Nate Silver, Statistician, sabermetrician (baseball statistician), and psephologist (sociologist who studies election trends)

Max Little, Applied mathematician

Neil Harbisson, Contemporary artist, composer, and cyborg activist

Rick Falkvinge, Political evangelist and former leader of Pirate Party

Ben Silbermann, Internet entrepreneur and founder of Pinterest

Zach Sims, Founder of Codecademy

Allison Lami Sawyer, Founder of Rebellion Photonics

Amber Case, Cyborg anthropologist and founder of Geoloqi

Phil Plait, Astronomer and skeptic

Erik Johansson, Photographer and retouch artist

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