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10 Top Free Music Apps

Music is powerful stuff. When music and technology mingle, the result is nothing but out of this world. Since we're living in the digital age, the availability of all of your old favorite tunes plus access to new and upcoming songs is just a couple of downloads away. To help you do just that, here are the 10 Top Free Music Apps for your iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices. In a life that is always moving forward, it’s a great thing to be able to take your favorite tunes with you, make your own tunes, or discover new ones as you go. Download them now and enjoy!

1. Spotify

The Internet's most fabulous, free, and unlimited Internet radio is now available for your iPhone or Android for users within the U.S. You can now search for, download, and save your favorite songs just by installing the Spotify App. Offering access to millions upon millions of songs is easy to use and comes with a free trial run of an upgrade to Spotify Premium, which allows you to listen offline, share music with friends, create playlists, and stream online. Rendered “the celestial jukebox is no pipe dream; it’s here now” by Time, this app is truly awesome!

For more about the Spotify app, go here .

2. SoundCloud

If you’re unfamiliar with SoundCloud, it’s well past time you get acquainted. The world’s leader in social sound platforming has developed an app you shouldn’t be without. Plus it is based upon the world’s largest community of musicians, artists, bands, and other musical geniuses. And it’s available to you wherever you are for free! This app allows you to stream music, search and discover new audio, follow your favorites, repost what you love, offer your comments, and even record your own stuff for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other networking sites. A great app for anyone in search of great sounds, SoundCloud will open your ears to new dimensions!

For more about the SoundCloud app, go here.

3. Pandora

Personalize your own radio by picking your favorite artists and performers with the free Pandora app. With the same features as its Internet counterpart, hundreds upon thousands of musicians, composers, and comedians, have offered their best to deliver what you want when you want it wherever you are! This app is fully integrated with your Pandora account (if you’re already a listener) so you can enjoy all of your favorite stations or create new ones with just a click. And this app also plays tracks similar to your favorites so you can discover new artists from your favorite genres. Get it today and enjoy!

For more about the Pandora app, go here.

4. Sirius XM

The Sirius XM Internet Radio app is a great free way to keep track of all of your most favorite entertainers any time and On Demand! This app gives you access to one of the largest catalogs of your favorite Sirius XM stations, shows, and performers. It also allows you to stream channels live, including the ones which are usually only available online. You can also track your favorite shows and get notifications of when new episodes are scheduled to air or are available. Music channels allow you to automatically start from each song’s beginning with its unique TuneStart feature. A SiriusXM Internet Radio subscription is required for this app.

For more about the Sirius XM app, go here.

5. iHeartRadio

One of the world’s lead digital internet radio stations is now available for your personalization in the form of commercial free, all music, live listening. Thanks to the iHeartRadio app, you can now access to over 1,500 live radio stations based upon what DJs are playing from coast to coast within the U.S. You can browse your favorite stations, find new ones, enjoy your favorite songs, discover new tunes, and even alter playlists by offering your thumbs up or thumbs down. Stations include something for everyone with college, country, pop, rock, and talk internet radio to create, save, and share your favorites from your mobile device or computer!

For more about the iHeartRadio app, go here.

6. SoundHound

You know how it is: you’re driving down the road, a new song plays, and you want to know what it is but the DJ doesn’t say. Now you can know just by a quick click of your iPhone or Android courtesy of the amazing SoundHound app. As one of the world’s best and fastest song recognition apps, SoundHound is better than its competition because it can detect singing and humming in addition to recordings! This app also offers a Live Lyrics feature which moves the words in time with the melodies and has a great sharing feature for geotagging on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. As BBC World Radio offered “Genius, isn’t it?”

For more about the SoundHound app, go here.

7. TuneWiki

If you knew there was an app which would pair your favorite photos with your favorite lyrics and melodies would you want it? Of course!! Now it can be yours for free with TuneWiki. This app was developed with you in mind and lets users tell a story by creating, designing, and sharing images, lyrics, and songs with just a few clicks. Users can also access its unlimited SongId feature, discover new music, create playlists, listen to any of their favorite songs with lyrics translated instantly in over 40 languages and view or edit artists, albums, and songs,.

For more about the TuneWiki app, go here.

8. Jelly Band

If you’re into music, you can now let it connect you with like-minded individuals by using the Jelly Band app. You can now conduct your own sounds using the interactive orchestra, connect with your friends to remix tunes, and entertain yourself with endless fun. Called one of the most “sublime musical rides” by users, many suggest this is the “best thing since The Beatles!” This app is highly rated, user friendly, and a source of great fun for anyone young, old, or somewhere in between!

For more about the Jelly Band app, go here.

9. Sound Shaker

As with everything, there is always room for improvement. The beta stages of what is likely certain to be one of the greatest music making tools of all time is Sound Shaker. With just a shake of your phone, you can trigger an infinite number of sounds and may be the perfect accessory to any kind of gag, prank, costume, holiday, or other event. This app is fun, easy to use, and requires you only select a sound file, set the sensitivity, pull the “trigger” and calibrate to make all kinds of great, accurate tunes!

For more about the Sound Shaker app, go here.

10. Songza

You can now have a “Music Concierge” match your mood to music thanks to the Songza app. If you’re chilling out, sweating it out, or working hard, this app will provide the perfect soundtrack for you. This app is entirely free, has zero advertisements, and is completely unlimited. Additionally, users can organize an original playlist library to match their favorite genres, activities, decades, and moods! Best of all, this app allows users to share their favorites via social networks and email!
For more about the Songza app, go here.

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