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12 Best Cowboy Songs

The massively appealing legend of a cowboy was born in history during the late 19th Century. With roots tracing back to Spain, early European settlers within the United States cultivated the iconic, highly popular legend of a cowboy as they wrangled difficult terrain and used traditional, longstanding cattle handling methods. Ever adaptive, highly distinctive, and admired equally by people of all ages, stories of cowboys have fascinated audiences and the general population for decades. Cowboy popularity soared during the 1940s and 1950s as true life cowboys rose to prominence. Young boys and men idolized cowboys, while young girls and women swooned over them. Nothing captures the reverence for cowboys better than music. Here are the 12 Best Cowboy Songs:

1. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys By Willie Nelson

2. The Cowboy In Me Tim McGraw

4. How 'Bout Them Cowgirls By George Strait

5. Ghost Riders In The Sky By Johnny Cash

6. Wildfire By Michael Martin Murphy

7. Rodeo By Garth Brooks

8. Don't Call Him A Cowboy By Conway Twitty

9. Home On The Range By Roy Rogers and Gene Autry

10. Should've Been A Cowboy By Toby Keith

11. Cowboy Take Me Away By The Dixie Chicks

12. Beer For My Horses By Toby Keith And Willie Nelson

Bonus: Legend Of A Cowgirl By Imani Coppola

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