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12 Best Songs About the World's End

Pessimists and other Doomsday followers believe that the world is quickly spinning out of control. The end of the world Apocalypse is subject to great debate and speculation, with many expecting supernatural and man-made disasters to bring drastic changes to life on earth. Musicians are no exception to such thinking and regardless of whether the world's end is near, some songs provide the perfect accompaniment to the possibility that end of the world as we know it could happen sooner or later. Here are the 12 Best Songs About The World's End:

1. The Earth Died Screaming By Tom Waits

2. Woke Up This Mornin' By Leonard Cohen

3. The Downward Spiral By Nine Each Nails

4. Preaching The End By Chris Cornell

5. It's The End Of The World As We Know It By R.E.M.

6. Waiting For The End Of The World By Elvis Costello

7. Memories Of Tomorrow By Suicidal Tendencies

8. The End Of The World By The Cure

9. Countdown To Extinction By Megadeth

10. It's Not The End Of The World But I Can See It From Here By The Lost Prophets

11. No Tomorrow By Orson

12. When The Man Comes Around By Johnny Cash

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