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12 Kid Friendly iPhone Apps

Apple's iPhone is more than just a phone, it's one of the most versatile technological devices known to man. Offering thousands of downloadable applications, the iPhone is certain to entertain even the youngest of users. Whether you're stranded at a restaurant with a little one, waiting at the doctor's office, or traveling via plane or automobile, the following iPhone Apps are a surefire hit for your youngster. Here are 12 Kid Friendly iPhone Apps:

1. Tappy Tunes

Tappy Tunes teaches nearly anyone how to play music, with an iPhone as the only necessary instrument. Tappy Tunes is a hit among kids as it plays your favorite song and your kid taps along! The app is great for the notes in a song,
Play your favorite tunes instantly and note-perfect just by tapping! Great for ages 4 and up.
To Download Tappy Tunes Go Here

2. Scribble

Scribble instantly transforms any iPhone into a sketch pad. The app features tons of colors, photo options, and pen sizes to allow your child to release his or her electronic Picasso. To erase, all your tot has to do is shake the iPhone and start over. The app is perfect for ages 4 and up.
To Download Scribble Go Here

3. Freshwater Aquarium

Freshwater Aquarium is loved by all ages. The app allows you to fill three tanks with a variety of fish and then feed them to help them grow, sell them, or even breed them. The graphics for this app are realistic and entertaining for kids and adults with as much fun as a real tank, without the work. Great for kids of any age.
To Download Freshwater Aquarium Go Here

4. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Based upon the viral internet Dancing Banana, Peanut Butter Jelly Tim is an addictive yet simple iPhone app treasured among the youngest fans. The flash animations of DJ Chipman from Buckwheat Boys is available on any iPhone, brought to you by Chris Borrello from Keyvisuals. The app is guaranteed to please your youngster regardless of age.
To Download Peanut Butter Jelly Time Go Here

5. Checkers!

Checkers! for iPhones offers many options and allows your youngster to play with a friend in two player mode. The traditional game has pleased the masses for ages and the 2D iPhone version is easy to use and great for providing hours of fun. Best for ages 4 and up.
To Download Checkers! Go Here

6. Wooo! Button

The Wooo! Button provides only one option: Wooo! When your child pushes the button on the iPhone, the device provides a Wooo! The sound effect can easily turn any conversation or interaction into a laugh fest. Great for any age.
To Download Wooo! Button Go Here

7. Airport Mania First Flight

iPhone has redesigned the Airport Mania First Flight game to allow all of the same of features of the original available by the touch of the screen. The game allows your youngster to visit 8 different airports, choose a variety of aircraft, and even fly paper planes. This app is a great choice for kids 6 and up.
To Download Airport Mania First Flight Go Here

8. Penguin Whacker

This not-for-kids-only app allows youngsters to "whack" as many penguins as possible within three time settings. The Peguin Whacker is similar to Whack-a-mole without the mallet and is great for refining hand and eye coordination (as well as evoking giggles). Suitable for children ages 4 and up.
To Download Penguin Whacker Go Here

9. iSign Alphabet

The iSign Alphabet is an educational iPhone app which teaches children American Sign Language. All iSign apps are approved by Jeff Bravin, Director of Special Projects for the American School for the Deaf who deemed iSign "a wonderful introduction to American Sign Language." Great for children of any age.
To Download iSign Alphabet Go Here

10. A+ Kids Bingo

The A+ Kids Bingo iPhone app pairs the the best of traditional bingo with the best of technology to deliver educational fun. The app allows pint sized iPhone users to learn number words and makes learning math impossibly amusing. Great for children 4 and up.
To Download Kids Bingo Go Here

11. Scoops

The Scoops iPhone app allows little ones to indulge their sweet tooth while refining their hand and eye coordination. The app requires users to stack ice cream on a cone by tilting the iPhone from the left to the right to catch as many scoops as possible. The trick, as in most kids' real life, is to avoid veggies, and not let the ice cream tower fall as the scoops grow higher and fall faster.
Great for kids 4 and older.
To Download Scoops Go Here

12. Battlestar Galactica Cyclon Detector

Any sci-fi lover will attest that the Battlestar Galactica Cylon Detector, which allows your youngster to snap a photo and determine if the subject is a Cylon or human, will be a smash. The app transforms photos of kids and their friends into composites adorned in Battlestar Galactica gear and enter the realm of reality. Recommended for ages 12 and up (though parental discretion decides).
To Download Battlestar Galactica Cylon Detector Go Here

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