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15 Natural Remedies for Skin Ailments

Taking vitamin supplements are beneficial to your overall health. However, nutrition experts will tell you that the health benefits of vitamin supplements never equal the benefits of nutrients acquired from their natural food sources. It would stand to reason then that the same could be true of the products used to treat and cure skin ailments. Manufactured products are created from chemical sources and other artificial ingredients. These skin products contain ingredients which could be found in natural sources or in their pure forms. The natural ingredients are often more potent and do not introduce sometimes questionable artificial substances to your body.

Long before modern man’s meddling, natural ingredients were effectively used for centuries to treat and cure any number of skin complaints. These natural herbs and plants are much more potent than the weaker diluted versions used to produce the various skin creams and products made in factories. With the manufactured products, there are a large number of ingredients included in the product. The risk of an ingredient being included which could cause an adverse reaction or which may not be beneficial for all skin types is increased substantially by the number of ingredients included. Using natural remedies allows each person to limit the number of ingredients as well as to decide which ingredients to include.

1. To heal and/or soothe burns, apply a slice of tomato to the area and allow the juice to dry fully. The licopene in tomatoes is an anti-inflammatory.

2. Apply the pot marigold, calendula officinalis, to the burn to help heal. It can also treat minor wounds, skin infections, sunburn, and bee stings. It is an anti-inflammatory, and can help relieve itch. It is generally used as in salve or oil form.

3. To soothe the itch caused by dry skin and heal it, mix 2 tbs honey, 1/3 cup plain regular yogurt, and 1 tsp of grapefruit zest. Apply to the skin and leave on for at least fifteen minutes. Wash the mixture off with iced black tea.

4. Eczema can be treated with coconut oil or olive oil mixed with calendula or Burdock seed oil.

5. Dandruff can be treated with a vitamin E oil or you can mix your own shampoo from limejuice, cider vinegar, and Indian gooseberry. Or you can combine a tsp of lime juice with 2 tsp of vinegar and rub into your scalp. Leave it on for about twenty minutes or so before rinsing.

6. Ringworm and poison oak can be treated with black walnut hulls.

7. Horsetail will help keep your skin healthy and beautiful. It is full of nutrients which are said to slow aging and wrinkling in skin.

8. Garlic has antibiotic and fungicide properties which can treat and cure all manner of skin ailments. Crushed garlic rubbed on the areas is effective.

9. Fenugreek is another natural

10. Tea tree oil can cure athlete’s foot

11. Dry skin can be treated with comfrey or lavender.

12. Various fungal infections like jock itch can be treated with goldenseal

13. Treat poison ivy, oak, or sumac with white oak bark, goldensesal, or black walnut.

14. Scabies can be relieved with tea tree oil, comfrey calendula or goldenseal.

15. For acne there are a wide variety of herbs which can treat the condition. Mix milk thistle, burdock root, red clover, chaparral, yellow dock and dandelion.

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