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20 Economists Who Helped Get Us Into This Mess

Western economies all over are on the verge of collapse. Money is getting printed like there is no tomorrow. Citizens of Western nations recognize that something is all screwed up with the way our economies are run - there is pessimism in the air. Unemployment is growing at a rapid rate.

So when the site SuperScholar put out this list of the 20 Most Influential Living Economists we were surprised that they didn't take the time to hold the most influential economists accountable for the current economic malaise.

Well, we'll do it right here on Brainz. Here are 20 Economists Who Helped Get Us Into This Mess:

1. Kenneth Arrow
2. Gary Becker
3. Barbara Bergmann
4. Hernando de Soto
5. Ernst Fehr
6. Francis Fukuyama
7. Alan Greenspan
8. Daniel Kahneman
9. Lawrence Robert Klein
10. Arthur Laffer
11. Robert Lucas Jr.
12. Elinor Ostrom
13. Christopher Antoniou Pissarides
14. Jeffrey Sachs
15. Amartya Sen
16. William Forsyth Sharpe
17. Mark Skousen
18. Thomas Sowell
19. Joseph Stiglitz
20. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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