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20 Most Misandric Songs Ever

Misandry derives from the Greek word "misos" meaning hatred and "aner" or "andros" meaning men. Misandry is the absolute hatred of men or boys originating
as early as early Greek literature and is the basis of feminism. Warren Farrell adequately addresses the topic of misandry in his 1999 book Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say with "In the past quarter century, we exposed biases against other races and called it racism, and we exposed biases against women and called it sexism. Biases against men we call humor."

The subject of misandry is no laughing matter as the following songs illustrate. Here are the 20 Most Misandric Songs Ever:

1. MenoCide By Otep

2. Goodbye Earl By The Dixie Chicks

3. Men By The Forester Sisters

4. Broken Heels By Alexandra Burke

5. You Think You're A Man? By The Vaselines

6. Bust The Windows By Jasmine Sullivan

7. Gotta Go, Gotta Leave By Vivian Green

8. You Make Me Sick By Pink

9. I Should've Cheated By Keyshia Cole

10. Irreplacable By Beyonce

11. Before He Cheats By Carrie Underwood

12. No Scrubs By TLC

13. Hit Me With Your Best Shot By Pat Benatar

14. Here Comes The Girls By Sugababes

15. I Hate You By Kelis

16. I Try By Angela Bofill

17. Picture To Burn By Taylor Swift

18. Alejandro By Lady Gaga

19. Gunpowder and Lead By Miranda Lambert

20. I Don't Need A Man By The Pussycat Dolls

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