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20 Scientists Who Changed the World

While there are some scientists we all know, many of the most influential scientists remain hidden from the public and society at large. However, their accomplishments affect us all.

Here is a list of 20 scientists who changed the world and changed the way we all live on a day to day basis.

1. Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Le
2. Noam Chomsky
3. Richard Dawkins
4. Persi Diaconis
5. Jane Goodall
6. Alan Guth
7. Stephen Hawking
8. Donald Knuth
9. Lynn Margulis
10. Gordon Moore
11. Roger Penrose
12. Allan Sandage
13. Frederick Sanger
14. Charles Townes
15. Craig Venter
16. James Watson
17. Steven Weinberg
18. Andrew Wiles
19. Edward O. Wilson
20. Edward Witten

Source: 20 Most Influential Scientists Alive Today

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