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25 Best Anne Taintor Works

When a really smart woman with an artistic streak found herself dealing with the confines of domestic life and a failing marriage, she didn’t get angry. That’s when Anne Taintor, a 1977 Harvard alum, got creative. Twisting the combination of her Maine upbringing with her hardworking father Frederick G. Taintor, stay at home mom Jane S. Taintor, and four siblings, with common stereotypes of 1950s era women, antique Ladies Home Journal and Life imagery, and modern customs, Anne Taintor has created a series of hilarious masterpieces certain to entertain even the harshest, most intelligent audiences.

As a pioneer of juxtaposing the past with the present, Taintor’s ability to apply modern thinking by revisiting past experiences paired with a wryly-cynical-tongue-in-cheek-yet-truthful-humor is sheer genius. Using the canvas of vintage art, Taintor tackles the monotony of domestic life for (like her first signature piece which led to the establishment of her successful company) “Intellectuals Gone Bad.” Her designs and devilry have kept people laughing since 1985, when following a divorce and managing the weight of a career and single motherhood, Taintor established Anne Taintor, Inc. Taintor’s originals appear on a huge variety of products - from luggage tags, magnets, sticky notes, bags, calendars, cards, and even flasks - to reach millions within the “ community of people who share [our] sweetly cynical outlook on life and are delighted to be in on the joke” per More Magazine.

As the “patron saint of female frustration” per one reviewer, Anne Taintor’s comedic brilliance shines on the very essence behind the confusing yet also inspiring distinction of womanhood. For over 25 years and throughout 25 countries, Taintor’s mission has stood solid in a world based on the importance of family, laughter, and the delicate act of living. See for yourself with the following 25 Best Anne Taintor Works:

1. Intellectuals Gone Bad

2. Honey, You Couldn't Handle Me

3. Someone Was Going To Have To Set A Bad Example

4. High Maintenance Doesn't Begin To Cover It

5. She Was One Cocktail Away From Proving His Mother Right

6. I Feel A Sin Coming On

7. At Last She Had Awakened From The Nightmare of Youth

8. Damned Straight I Keep Score

9. Guess Where I'm Tattooed

10. Her Proudest Achievement Was Staying Blonde

11. She Liked Her Men Like She Liked Her Chocolate...

12. It Was The Best Rebound Relationship Ever!

13. She Had Not Yet Decided...

14. She Could Never Remember...

15. I'm Happy...

16. Bite Me

17. Let The Games Begin

18. It's OK I Don't Want A Real Life Anyway

19. I Believe We Have An Opportunity To Make Extremely Poor Choices

20. And That's How The Handsome Prince Worked Himself Into An Early Grave

21. What Muffled Screams, Officer?

22. What's A Nice Girl Like Me Doing Without A Drink In Her Hand?

23. Whoever Says You Can't Have It All Hasn't Met My Lawyer!

24. Golly That Was Fun

25. Think Of Me As A Challenge

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