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25 Best Things to Do While You Are Stoned

Everyone at some point in their lives or another has experimented (or indulged) with some weed. No matter where you are when you toke, the THC compounds in marijuana can instantly stoke a good time. Pot has a profound power to render even the most mundane tasks into a mind ripping, positive experience. Here are the 20 Best Things To Do While You Are Stoned:

1. Eat. Bake. Baked.
2. Have amazing (solo or partnered) sex.
3. Watch TV or rent a movie.
4. Meditate, think, and over think.
5. Replenish your sleep bank with a long nap.
6. Clean furiously.
7. Listen to music.
8. Read a metaphysical book.
9. Go out and try to act "normal."
10. Weed your garden and mow your lawn.
11. Write a to-do list.
12. Do laundry.
13. Dance like a fool.
14. Workout in front of a mirror.
15. Call a friend.
16. Go shopping.
17. Sky gaze or count stars.
18. Just laugh a lot.
19. Sing or jam with an instrument.
20. Write a letter.
21. Go hiking or out for a stroll.
22. Get on Facebook (just be careful with chats)
23. Call a loved one and remind him or her why you love them.
24. Make out like a bandit with a lover or near stranger.
25. Have a good cry.

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