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25 Greatest Political T-Shirts for Democrats

Election season may be over, but that's no reason to stop wearing t-shirts that show your true political colors. And while Bush is finally out of office, the last 8 years have spawned countless witty t-shirts that should not be forgotten. If you are looking for some fresh additions to your left-wing upper-body wardrobe, here are 25 of the greatest Democratic political t-shirts currently available for sale. Enjoy!

1) Start Wars

No, this is not a Star Wars shirt. Look more closely. Closer...closer...clooooser. See it yet? There ya go.

2) The Addiction

It's official: America is absolutely, positively addicted to oil and the gasoline produced from it. But why? With solar, wind, hydro-electric and other forms of renewable energy already existing and at our fingertips, there is simply no excuse to remain entangled with the foreign oil cartels. Show your disdain for America's republican-driven oil addiction with this trendy tee!

3) Eco-Terrorists

Wearers of the Addiction t-shirt will also love the Eco-Terrorist shirt, which lays the blame for environmental destruction where it belongs: at the feet of SUV owners. If the sound of a gas-guzzling V8 engine makes you sick to your stomach and the word "OPEC" is enough to induce vomiting, you'll love wearing this t-shirt around.

4) I <3 Free Speech

If there is one defining ideal that epitomizes liberalism, it is that of free speech. But in an age of Republican-mandated campaign finance reform (McCain-Feingold, anyone?) and FCC censorship, who is bold enough to take a stand for this heroic and distinctly American tradition? Do your small part: by wearing a shirt that proclaims your love of free speech!

5) Ban Homophobic Marriage

Right wingers are big fans of the old idea of an eye-for-an-eye. This shirt gives them a taste of their own medicine with an appeal to outlaw marriage by homophobes.

6) Petrolcide

Conservatives claim to be the political party that provides security, but in reality their policies make us more vulnerable. They literally have America on the verge of committing petrolcide. Democrats having pushing for energy independence for decades.

7) Faux News

If there's one TV channel no Democrat can stand, it's the uber-right-wing news station, Fox (or as this shirt likes to say, Faux) news. Staffed by conservative blowhards like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, Fox News needs to be taken down a peg or two, and perhaps this t-shirt is a good running start!

8) Democrats Rock

Some political t-shirts rely on subtlety and others on irony, but some of the best just come right out and say whatever it is they're trying to get across. This "Democrats Rock" t-shirt is a case in point, leaving no doubt whatsoever about the political alleigance of the wearer. A left-wing wardrobe is hardly complete without it!

9) VotemOut

This shirt symbolizes what has been the dream of Democrats everywhere since the year 2000 - vote 'em out! And after taking back Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008, perhaps the Democratic party owes a debt of gratitude to all the party's supporters who tirelessly wore this shirt during the Bush years!

10) Viva la Evolution

What's the most surefire way to piss off a Republican? Attack religion. Actually, what's an even faster way to piss them off? Start talking about evolution. Better yet, wear it across your chest with this "Viva la Evolution" t-shirt that plays off the popular Che Guevara saying. (And we all know liberals can't get enough of good 'ol Che!)

11) War Mongers

Nothing makes a good Democratic t-shirt like an old-fashioned dig at the "war-mongering" republicans. If you've had it up to here with the War on Terrorism and can't stomach any more coverage of it, this is the t-shirt to own!

12) Nuke-u-Liar

One of the easiest ways to pick on the freshly-departed President Bush was his speech impediment, which led him to pronounce words hilariously incorrectly. One famous example was pronouncing "nuclear" as "nook-you-lear." And leave it to the tireless geniuses who create political t-shirts to come up with a spin on this one. Enter: the "Nuke-u-liar" t-shirt, an obvious reference to the common belief that Bush "lied" about our reasons for invading Iraq.

13) Vader Bush

It's easy to confuse President Bush with Darth Vader: territorial conquests, an apparent thirst for violence, and even (as we just discussed) an awkward speaking style. Fortunately, the obvious comparisons between Bush and Darth Vader need not exist only in our minds. Thanks to this t-shirt, you can show everyone just which Star Wars character our ex-President reminds you of most.

14) Manifest Density

Manifest Destiny was the idea, held by America's early settlers, that it was their moral right and duty to bring the glory of God to a foreign land (the US) and its people (the natives.) Many Democrats see parallels between Manifest Destiny and the Bush administration's policies of "spreading democracy" to oppressed peoples, leading to the play on words "Manifest Density", referring to how many nations we have tried to "Americanize" over the years.

15) Obama

No modern collection of the best Democratic political t-shirts would be complete without the already-famous Barack Obama shirt. Hailed as the savior of a new generation and a bringer of change, no aspiring liberal can hope to have a lot of left-wing street cred without wearing this shirt at least a few times. Don't like this one, there are hundreds of great Obama t-shirts worth checking out.

16) Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam

Many have remarked on the similarities between the Iraq and Vietnam wars: conflicts in which we underestimated the enemy's capacity to fight and lacked an overwhelming reason to get involved in the first place. Now you can show your support for this theory with the "Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam" t-shirt.

17) Donkey

Come on - did you really think we could assemble a respectable list of Democratic political t-shirts without paying homage to the good, old-fashioned, timeless Democratic donkey? Surely, you jest!

18) Had Enough? Vote Democratic!

Democrats have never been shy about holding themselves out as the solution to all political woes, and this shirt exemplifies that tradition in grand style. If you believe that the answer to everything from global warming to economic stagnation to turmoil in Iraq is to elect some Democrat, any Democrat, into power, this shirt was tailor-made for you to wear.

19) Angry Democrat & Proud of It

Very little description required here. If you're an angry Democrat and you're proud of it, what better way to announce these facts to the world than by wearing this shirt?

20) Red State, Blue Voter

We've all felt it: the frustration of living in a state that votes one way when you vote the other. But just because your vote may not add up to much (sorry, but it's true), you can still advertise via your t-shirt that you do not vote along the same lines as the rest of your state.

21) One Nation Under Surveillance

One thing that unites all Democrats (and even some Republicans) is their disdain for President Bush's infringements on our privacy, such as the now-infamous PATRIOT Act. Some might even say (as does the front of this shirt) that we are "One Nation Under Surveillance."

22) When Clinton Lied, Nobody Died

The world was up in arms about Bill Clinton lying about his sex life, but exactly how many lives did that take? None, say the makers of this t-shirt! (Contrast that with the many brave men and women in our military who have died as a result of President Bush's less-than-truthfulness...)

23) When Bush Took Office, Gas Was $1.46

Many have observed that the wild, up-again, down-again fluctuations in gas prices did not start happening until Bush took power, 9/11 happened, and Bush took us to war. Now you can wear this t-shirt to the pump the next time prices skyrocket north of $3.00/gallon and let everyone know who you think the culprit is!

24) The End of an Error

Political t-shirt makers are never short of a good play on words, and this t-shirt proves yet again how good they are at finding them. Indeed, many did regard Janurary 20, 2009 as "The End of an Error" when the book of history finally slammed shut on President Bush's tenure in office.

25) Do Not Enter Iran

One of the greatest fears of a McCain Presidency was that he would make good on many a Republican's wish to invade Iran. With the election of Barack Obama it would appear as though this is no longer worth worrying about, but for those still concerned, this is the perfect shirt for you. If there's one thing we've learned after eight years of Bush it's that one can never be too cautious, so we couldn't blame you for continuing to wear this t-shirt around!

Thanks to the Teenormous t-shirt search engine for making it easy to find all these shirts! Great job guys.

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