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3 Romantic Things You Can Do in a Car

Romantic occasions are typically held in upscale restaurants beside candlelight and expensive flowers, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Any moment can be turned into a romantic moment, even time spent inside of your car. Here are 3 ways you can make your car the setting for romance.

Make a Road Trip Romantic

Road trips can get long and monotonous, no matter who’s in the car with you. But if you’re with your significant other, there are ways you can make it more fun and romantic.

One way to entertain yourselves on the ride is to prepare for the ride with a few personalized CDs. You can add some of the most romantic songs ever made, but including some songs specific to the two of you would make it even more special. What was the first song you danced to together? What song do you both adore? What song did you sing along with at a concert on your third date? You get the picture.

If you’re really planning ahead, you can hide presents throughout the car that the passenger can try to find. You can hide your significant other’s favorite candy, a note you wrote for him or her, a nice photo of the two of you, etc. Try placing the items in the glove compartment, under the seat, in the seat-back pocket, and other places not obvious at first glance.

Have a Pickup Truck Picnic

Instead of lying down on a blanket in the grass and dirt where bugs can scurry all over your food, why not park in a beautiful area and have your picnic in the truck bed? If you have the foresight to make sure it’s clean from dirt, you can place blankets and pillows in the back and lounge while you enjoy a packed meal.

Hey, this couple even went so far as to have a picnic in their car. If you use your imagination and a little creativity, the sky’s the limit.

Get Married!

There aren’t many other events more romantic than a wedding, and yes, you actually can get married in your car. This type of service is available in Las Vegas (of course) at A Little White Chapel Tunnel of Love Drive Thru. You can pull up to the drive-thru window and make it official underneath a ceiling depicting stars and cherubs.

The location actually has 5 chapels to choose from, but the Tunnel of Love is the chapel that gets the car involved. If you use your own car, you can have a religious or civil wedding for just $40.


Next time you think a ton of money and a classy destination are required for a romantic time, think again! Even your car can be the perfect setting for a romantic scene.

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