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3 Treadmill Exercises to Bust That Boredom

The number one drawback of having a treadmill is boredom. Just face it. A slower jogging or a faster jogging is still jogging. So why bother getting your own machine? That’s actually what most people think before realizing that a treadmill offers a variety of exercises. Some of these are enumerated below:

The Retro a.k.a. Backward Walking

Do this exercise if you need to improve your balance, strength, and coordination. Many ballroom dancers are doing this exercise to keep them from tripping on the stage.

Start with a slow pace like 1mph. You may hold on for the first few seconds but never finish the whole duration of this exercise while holding on. It defeats the goal of The Retro. If you already can, slowly free your hand and just walk backwards. Concentrate as you do this or you might trip right then and there.
Continue on walking backwards until you feel comfortable doing it. Increase the treadmill speed when you’re ready. Increase the speed again until a 4mph speed is already a piece of cake.

Make it more challenging by doing this exercise on an incline. This will more improve your balance, strength and coordination.

The Side Step a.k.a. Walking Sideways

Basketball players will love this treadmill exercise. It is similar to doing a side step drill, only without the ball. It enhances balance in a more difficult way than
The Retro.

The trick on doing this is to start it slow. Set the treadmill to 1mph and move to your side.

Let go of the handle and walk sideways. Some people are afraid to fall or trip over while doing this. They would crumple and hunch up their shoulders. Never be trapped in your fear. Otherwise, you can’t achieve balance.

Once you get the hang of it, immediately increase the speed. Continue on adding speed until you are comfortable walking sideways at 4mph or faster.

The Trail a.k.a. Inclined Walking

Can you resist the gravitational pull on the steepest trail at the fastest speed? It’s time to discover the answer with this treadmill workout.

Again, start it slow with the lowest inclination and slowest speed level. Increase the inclination and speed after you get the hang of doing the easier phase.

The more inclined it is, the more difficult to walk. So better give yourself a break and don’t increase the speed yet. You can do it after trying all the inclination levels.

More Boredom-Buster Tips

Be more creative. Challenge yourself. For example, perform a dumbbell exercise while you’re doing The Side Step or do your dance moves while doing The Retro.

The gym is the best place to get creative ideas for more challenging treadmill exercises. Just look at the obnoxious gym characters—the Tough Guy, the Cougar, the Socialite, etc.—and you’ll know that different people have different ways to get over the treadmill boredom.

If you hate the idea, then there is a better way to beat that boredom. Get a treadmill with lots of extras like television, MP3 player, console fan, and a virtual personal trainer. It may cost a little extra but it will be worth it. Reading Treadmill Reviews will help you make the right choice.

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