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4 Signs You Are a Driving Hazard

You have probably seen people who drive recklessly. Some individuals do not seem to realize that they are endangering the lives of others while on the road. While you are reading this, you are probably thinking of an incident or accident caused by the reckless driving of another. But don't be so quick to pass the buck on to other drivers. Here is a list of common poor driving habits that could make you a driving hazard, yourself.


This might be called different things in various countries, but tailgating refers to driving closely behind another car. Tailgating is dangerous because it endangers your life as the driver, as well as the lives of the passengers in your car and the lives of the people in the other car. Tailgating can result in a serious accident if you rear-end the other car.

Using a Cell Phone

Another example of hazardous motor vehicle operation is talking on a cell phone while driving. There is a reason why many countries have laws against cell phone use while driving. Sending text messages and chatting on a phone while driving result in inattention to the road. You are more focused on the conversation you are having than on your driving. This inattention has increased the amount of traffic fatalities while driving.


A third habit that can make your driving hazardous is speeding. You may want to get to your destination quickly, or you may feel impatient while driving. Either way, speeding is a dangerous choice to make. It may cause you to lose control of your car or to be unable to avoid unexpected road hazards. If you are prone to speeding, keep in mind that speeding is a major factor in a lot of deadly accidents.

Drinking and Driving

Even though this is against the law, there are still a number of people who drive over the legal alcohol level. Alcohol impairs the body's ability to react to a change in situation. As a result, reflexes can be slow when they are needed to avoid an accident.

It is always easy to see how the driving of another person might affect you. However, you might not be able to see how your own driving is affecting someone else. The next time you get behind the wheel or answer questions about your driving habits when seeking an online auto insurance quote, take a minute to really analyze your driving practices. Avoiding hazardous driving habits will keep you, and others, safe as you travel the roads.

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