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5 Facebook Games That Will Keep You Hooked

Ever since developers and users realized that Facebook is good for more than reconnecting with high school friends and distant family members, we’ve seen wave after wave of Facebook games come and go. But some of them catch on in a big way, thanks to their innovative ways of integrating social connectivity with fun gameplay. Here are a few that have stood the test of time, as well as some Facebook games that are just now emerging.

Sim Hospital

Running this hospital will require that you battle disease with the goal of establishing a successful business model over time.


A phenomenon among Facebook games, Zynga's Farmville puts you in the shoes of a farmer as you attempt to manage your crops and outgrow your friends.

Restaurant City

From Playfish Games, Restaurant City gives you the chance to try your hand at starting a restaurant. Even employ your friends as waiters and chefs!

Mafia Wars

If farming is not your thing, then Zynga has another hugely successful option. Mafia Wars will have you calling hits on mob bosses and running from the cops on a regular basis.

The A game

One of the only games to give you real video and real prizes, The A game belongs in its own category. Try your luck at this pop-culture trivia challenge and face off against your friends in a live match of wits!

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