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5 Great Kindle Books for Computer Programmers

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Kindle e-books can be a great resource either for learning how to write programs, or developing high demand software for computers or smart-phones. The selection of available e-books are vast, and can vary depending specific programming languages and user ability. The following is a list of some of the best overall Kindle books for computer programmers that don't necessarily depend on one particular skill level or programming language. Concepts and techniques expressed in these books are applicable to all areas of computer programming.

Code Complete

For over the last decade, Code Complete has been considered a must read resource for software developers. Code Complete won a Jolt award in 1993 for its impact on the software development industry. The book focuses on the construction phase of programming. The central idea is that since the construction of the program will ultimately lead to what the program will accomplish, focusing on good construction practices will result in the best possible outcome. In addition to looking at best construction practices, the book also examines good overall design practices including testing and implementation.

The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

The Pragmatic Programmer is more a study about the individuals who write software as opposed to focusing on programming practices. The chapters center on the actual experiences of professionals who have a deep background in the real world of software engineering. Readers learn from the successes, as well as the failures of individuals who try to make the best software they are able to. In addition to focusing on solid software design and development practices, the book examines ideas like team building and customer communications as being an essential part of good programming practice.

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Many programmers are satisfied if the software that they are writing simply functions. This approach only will lead to headaches later on according to the writers of Clean Code. The book focuses on the idea of creating "well written" software that is clean both stylistically as well as functionally. The book first looks at principles and practices of clean software design. The middle section contains a series of case studies dealing with the results of both successful, and not so successful attempts at clean coding. The final part of the book contains samples and templates of clean programming that readers can implement in future projects.

Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius

Though many programmers have zero interest in video games, the concepts that this book covers represents some of the most complex topics in computer science such as physics implementation and artificial intelligence. The book features 52 video game projects written in Java and gives readers insights on how to tweak the sample projects in order to make them their own. Since all the game projects contain connections to broader concepts in software design, all software developers can take some of the topics in this e-book and apply them to their own projects.

The Psychology of Computer Programming: Silver Anniversary eBook Edition

Instead of being focused solely on the code being written, The Psychology of Computer Programming looks at the thought process behind the person actually writing the code. Written in 1971, and references obsolete programming languages such as FORTRAN, it is still a top seller due to its relevance today, this e-book takes a person oriented approach towards programming. It effectively teaches the reader to think like a programmer and focuses on ideas like logic and problem solving, as well as the importance of advance planning and team communication.

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