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5 Things No Business Should Be Without

A lot of prep work and planning goes into starting a business. You have to decide how the business will operate, what clients you will attract and what purchases you'll make for your business. While you could spend months deciding how to operate your business and what clients you want to cater too, there are some decisions -- like what purchases you should make for your business -- that are set in stone.

There are certain tools and equipment that no business should be without and these are the main items you should purchase for your business. If you're having a tough time deciding what to purchase, here's a look at the top five things you need to get for your business in order to be taken seriously in the business world.


Smartphones are a must have for all businesses. With the invention of downloadable apps you can do just about anything with your smartphone. You can turn it into a billing center with iTerminal, central hub for sending and receiving faxes with the new MetroFax iPhone app, that was just released. Or even turn it into a conference room with the help of the campfire app. Anything you need to do to conduct business can be done in the palm of your hand with a smartphone.

Check Scanner

Long gone are the days of having to input a client or vendor's check information by hand. A check scanner gives you the ability to scan a check and have all the information from routing number, check amount and address inputted right into the computer. It saves time and gets you the information you need faster.

Online Storage

You might believe that your business is indestructible but the truth is natural disasters and fires are no match for any business. Online storage is a must have for any business because it allows you to store important information and documents in a separate location from your business' central hub. Should anything happen to your business, you will not be at a complete loss and you'll be able to rebuild quickly.

High Speed Internet

The Internet is your business' ticket to the outside world. It can help you communicate with potential clients, vendors and current customers. It can help you process banking information and run credit cards. With everything that the Internet can do, it can also be held against you. Slow internet speeds can send the wrong information to your clients, and appear unprofessional which is why it is essential that you have a high speed internet connection for your business.

High Quality Headset and Webcam

Programs like Skype and Google Talk offer businesses the chance to have conferences with clients and vendors anywhere at any time, which is why many businesses are slowly making the transition to computer based phone lines. However, with this transition comes the need to have equipment that will allow you to communicate without interruptions. A high quality headset and webcam will give you the ability to communicate with others in a web conference with the professionalism and clarity your business needs to land a deal.

It can be overwhelming to decide what your business needs and doesn't need when you are first starting. These five things are absolute necessities and something every business needs in order to be taken seriously.

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