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5 Unique Places to Flirt & Find Dates

Life offers many opportunities to meet, flirt, and procure dates. There are plenty of fish in the sea and often it's just a matter of finding a place to cast. You just have to know where to reel them in. And who knows, you may just fall - hook, line, and sinker, into the sea of love.

Online dating sites

Places like Plenty of Fish, eHarmony,, Zoosk, and a host of other online dating sites are a great place to flirt and find dates. After completing a simple registration, answering a few personality revealing questions, and writing up a brief synopsis of what you are or what you are looking for, potential romantic opportunities find you. The benefit of an online dating site is a certain degree of anonymity and the ability to "pre-screen" your potential love interest via email and instant messaging before you meet. Which saves you a bad first date experience.

Grocery stores, farmer's markets, restaurants

Nothing brings people closer together than the the most primal need: food. The next time you're at the grocery store, take your eyes off of your grocery cart purchases and look around. If a shopper piques your interest, saddle up next to him or her and offer a comment like "That's a great peanut butter/beer/cheese." Or, if in a restaurant, ask the cute hostess for advice: "Have you tried the chicken alfredo pasta?" If the person engages in the conversation, it's a pretty safe bet that you'll be seeing him or her again.

Clubs/organizations/social events

Clubs, organizations, and social events are a great place to flirt and find dates. Accept any opportunities that come your way to meet new people, as you never know who you may encounter. Join a community organization, theater club, softball club, or even PTA to get out and carpe diem. Additionally, say "yes" to social events like weddings, family reunions, graduations, even baby showers are a great way to connect with people who know people or flirt and find dates. Plus everybody knows somebody...and if someone wants to set you up with their 2nd cousin from their mother's side, why not? You never know until you try!

Working out, Gyms, Sports Events

A likely place to flirt and find dates may quite be while you're out for a run, pumping iron at the gym, or enjoying a hometown sports event. Today's single ladies and men invest quality time in themselves and one of the easiest ways to connect with each other is through good old fashioned sweat. The next time you're working out or soaking up a football game, strike up a conversation with the sexy blond walking by, the gorgeous brunette on the treadmill, or the cute redhead in the concessions line at your son's football game. The chemicals involved in working out may actually work to your advantage.

The last resort: Bars

Last and most probably the least likely place you'll find what you want (but you may find a good time) is: bars. Be warned that bars are to people what a meat market is to cows. Bars can be intimidating and full of exactly what you don't want to find, but there's often a needle in a haystack. People show their truest colors in bars, as the more alcohol consumed, the more truth seems to flow. Be sure to stay more sober than not and be wary of those who are tremendously intoxicated. Those who are most obviously on the prowl tend to show their true colors late in the evening and we all know "that guy:" the only one who volleys between every single girl in the place and leaves with a different chick at the end of the night. If someone strikes up a conversation, by all means talk. Just be sure to leave at a decent hour and make arrangements to meet on a different night perhaps at a different location.

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