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5 Useful iPhone Apps for Travellers

As someone who spends a good deal of time travelling. One of the things that I've found really valuable is a good smart phone. In this case an iPhone.

1 Say Where
Its big feature is that you can search Google Maps,, Yelp, and without having to use the iPhone's often times challenging on-screen keyboard. You simply talk into the microphone and it converts your speech into a search query. There's location awareness, so once the phone pinpoints where you are it will narrow what it's searching for. You can also have it start and end in different locations, which can be set by simply speaking into the microphone.
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2 Google Earth
Google Earth is easily one of the most useful and helpful apps for any traveler. It allows you to pinpoint where you are, and get simple easy to use directions anywhere in the world. It's also a great way to check out the land when your out hiking.
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3 Flight Status
Tracking the status of the flight is not always restricted to just the status of the flight. Very often, you also want to know the Airport status as well. Flight Status is the only application that provides you end-to-end information for your air travel. You can check Flight Status, Airport Status and also obtain information regarding the Airlines.
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4 Weather App
Weather Channel App for the iPhone is purely amazing. It gives you weather reports of wherever you are at in the entire world.
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5 Currency App
'Currency' is an exchange rate tool ideal for anyone who travels, or who needs to quickly review foreign currencies. The set-up of the Currency 'app' allows you to add and delete currencies and set a 'Master Currency'.
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