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The 50 Best Songs of 2012 - Page 2

Kanye West Cold

When engaged in a fight over a woman, it’s best to reach for your bros. That’s why Kanye West reaches for DJ Khaled and spits all sorts of nasty honesty. His pursuit of fortune and a good woman is much like everyone else. Just a little more offensive. And striking. Haters will hate. If he makes you sick, you know what to do...

Ellie Goulding Anything Could Happen

Chasing the light is supposed to be a positive experience. It’s what we’re all destined for. Problem is life, or the lack thereof, darkens the light. Often. The sky is the limit though as long as you reach high enough. The soothing synthpop promise of this little chant is a nice reminder that though most things begin well, it’s best to end well.

Mumford and Sons I Will Wait

Brooding strength, brass, banjos, and a rework of their song “Untitled” from the b-side of their award winning album “The Cave” completes one of the best Mumford and Sons songs of all time. The brothers are back and they aren’t giving up. In fact, they’ll wait forever if they must and won’t be remotely sad about it. The spirit in their heart is stronger than any force outside of them. If we all could be so lucky...

Ed Sheeran The A Team

Life is so short but nights are so entirely long. In the dark of the night, people make choices. Ed Sheeran weaves a story of a woman who took the wrong path and made more than a few mistakes only to sell herself short in the end. The encouraging optimism of Ed’s voice and the strum of the acoustic guitar keep the subject light and as ephemeral as the tragedy of a falling angel.

Pink Blow Me One Last Kiss

When Pink finds herself in a foul mood, she makes a point to declare her stance and get us all up dancing. Because we relate. All too well. Most of us can clamp our mouths shut in the heat of an argument to pursue the higher road. Only some of us can seethe through music. This song delivers the blow that a) everyone has a bad day b) the only one who can make it better is us and c) everyone can be replaced if you just let go. Choose your words carefully.

Alex Clare Too Close

Every relationship reaches an end. Sometimes it’s because of someone else. Sometimes it’s just because a person knows the other too well. Sometimes it’s because of deep seated issues with commitment. Alex Clare and his team of gyrating keyboards and tip top dubstepped beats
nail it. Without any bitterness. Just the solid sound of letting go and moving on.

Bruno Mars Locked Out Of Heaven

If sex held the key to paradise, Bruno Mars would likely be able to claim all women on earth with this song. The 27 year old captures a New Wave essence of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson combined with the Sting of The Police in his standard classily sexy, groovily suggestive, and just plain dynamite form. A must love song and full of artistry for all spiritual beings in the midst of a human experience who share love.

Rihanna Diamonds

Barbadian queen Rihanna knows how to remind everyone on the planet that they were made to shine. Especially and most certainly In spite of the fact a person’s heart can take a beating and still function. We’re all beautiful in some way, even the ones who break others’ hearts. Rihanna has lived it and she wants us to remember why we’re here: to stay positive and happy through it all.

Gotye Somebody I Used To Know

From the first pluck of the harpsichord to Gotye’s argument with Kimbra over who got screwed over more, Somebody I Used To Know was the ultimate break up song of this year. Kudos to him for nailing the dueling viewpoints of both the man’s and woman’s perspective and setting it to pounding rhythms. We all know we used to know somebody. Now we all can sing about it.

Grace Potter Stars

You lost somebody you loved long. And it hurt hard. You stare vacantly out the window while you do dishes. Or while you’re outside in the night. You can’t look up because you know that the person you lost could be looking too. That makes the longing worse. Grace Potter makes the misery just beautiful. Plus she’s smokin’ hot.

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The 50 Best Songs of 2012 was compiled by Musicristotle, the sharp shooting, wild boy wrangling, word girl whose feats and follies have long been best accomplished while feeding the innately eclectic appetite for sensational sound.

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