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7 Unique Sustainable Communities

We recently talked about Sustainable Communities. Today we are going to highlight 7 Unique Sustainable Communities here in the United States.

sustainable community

1 Ionia

Ionia is a sustainable community in Alaska that is transitioning it's community into being a community based organic farm.

2 Milagro

Milagro is a sustainable community in Tuscon,Arizona. It is an award-winning cohousing community of twenty-eight, energy efficient, passive solar, adobe homes on a 43-acre site just minutes from downtown Tucson, Arizona.

3 Path To Freedom

Path To Freedom is a sustainable community/urban farm in Pasadena California they have found a unique way to live in which they support themselves fully through organic farming, and even produce their own energy right in the city.

4 Sewanee Creek

Sewanee Creek is a small town community striving for ecologically sound, economically advantageous development aimed at promoting sustainablity in the rugged mountains of Tennessee.

5 Ithaca Eco Village

EcoVillage currently includes two 30-home cohousing neighborhoods and a third neighborhood in the planning stages. It's located in upstate New York.

6 Mountain Mission

Mountain Mission is an off the grid sustainable community in North Carolina its goal is to become completely sustainable and yet share how to live as a positive impact community in the Applachians.

7 EastWind Community

East Wind is a new and growing community in the Missouri Ozarks. They own roughly 1000 acres in the Ozarks and their primary businesses include producing a variety of Nutbutters to remain sustainable.

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