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7 Wedding Bloopers You Wouldn’t Want to Happen to You

Weddings are supposed to be a time when two people's indivituality combines into something bigger than both of them. During this time, everyone involved wants things to go perfectly. If the weather is lovely and the temperature just right, that's a blessing. If your wedding party all remember their roles and can successfully navigate their wardrobes, that's even better. Unfortunately, sometimes these details just don't work out as planned.

The following is a list of bloopers that you would never want occurring at your wedding.

1. The Best Man Douses the Bride and Priest

In the first part of this video, you get the impression that the best man just forgot to show up. That would be a hard faux pas to get over on its own. But as the camera pans backward, you see him standing solemnly and ready to present the bride and groom with their rings. At the last moment he slips, and the priest and bride take a dive into the pool of water below.

In his defense, he was probably pretty nervous and possibly hung over. Anybody could've tripped like that, and most of the time it just would've gotten a laugh at his expense. The funniest part of the video is how he gets on hands and knees as if to fish the two people out of the water.

Fortunately, no one got hurt. Otherwise it wouldn't be very funny. But you can probably guess the best man was in the dog house for awhile. And he'll still be hearing about his little stumble when the bride and groom celebrate their 20th anniversary.

2. Entire Wedding Party Get Their Feet Washed by a Wave

Have you ever been getting married, and suddenly found you were standing in a shallow pool of water? The wedding party in this video apparently hadn't heard of high tide, so they all but ran away when it rolled in unexpectedly. You have to give the husband credit, though. He stood his ground, held his wife's hands and instructed everybody to "just stay" in a cool and calm voice.

3. Passing Gas During Groom's Vows

When you serve beans and broccoli at your reception, this kind of thing is to be expected. In this video, while the groom reads his lovingly written declaration of undying love and fealty, the flower girl busts out. The priest and groom barely manage to keep their amusement in check, but the groom stays completely serious.

4. The Couple Can't Cooperate

The couple in this video are extremely serious. While some of their guests are smiling and laughing, they look about as jovial as you'd expect at a funeral. Maybe that's why they're together. At any rate, they also share another trait: neither can get their glasses to each other's lips without outside intervention. They finally get the traditional drink together, and set down their glasses with absolutely no visible amusement or happiness between them.

The video is primarily funny because these two might be the most somber couple in the history of the world.

5. Crazy Dancer Brings Down the House (or Tent)

This video starts out just being a little goofy. A woman in red is dancing all by herself, and decides to integrate a nearby pole into her routine. That usually makes a good video even better. Unfortunately, she gets a little too into the act and pulls the entire tent down on top of everyone.

There's some hilarious footage where people are screaming and the camera is rumbling as if in a war movie. After a while, the cameraman gets back on his feet and surveys the damage, and the main casualty appears to be the bride. How would you like video footage offering proof that you bloodied the bride's nose on her wedding day? It's a pretty sure bet the woman in red won't be invited to any more parties.

6. The Bride Flops

This video starts off nicely, with a nice kiss and a wave as the cameraman instructs. However, after the couple takes off running, the bride discovers why people don't typically run races in large, frilly gowns. While no one expects you to get married wearing spandex, most people don't try to combine "the start of marital bliss" with "the start of a triathlon."

7. Bride Needs Her Entourage to Use the Toilet

This entire scene unfolds much like a training video. The bride and her bridesmaids even go so far as to explain that many men need to understand how complicated it is to use the toilet in a wedding dress. The process is actually very well choreographed, and demonstrates what good friends these women are. Not everyone has a friend who will help them wipe. You can almost feel the awkwardness of the wedding photographer as he stands in a women's restroom videotaping something very few men ever want to see. He's a trooper.

In Conclusion

Hopefully your Robbins Brothers engagement rings won't lead to divorce papers because weddings are a great time to express emotions you normally don't, as well as to create memories you'll never forget. While you hope getting hitched goes off without a hitch, sometimes life throws you a curve ball. The downside to videotaping your wedding is that spontaneity can end in hilarity. At least the video can be edited later, and it's a good thing the gathering spots have insurance on them.

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