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Afador Dog Breed

The Afador is a cross between the Afghan Hound and the Labrador Retriever. Like most cross-breeds, it displays a combination of the distinct characteristics of both, or all the breeds. Of medium height and built, it has a very long, smooth and fine coat and the hair on the face is usually short. Most common colours for this breed would be shades of red, shades of beige, black and black and white. As well they would often have a seemingly dark mask on their faces.

Originating from Alaska, the Afador is known as an independent and genius breed and could be an effective watchdog. Training is another matter though, as the breed is not dependent on anything or anyone. Proud and alert, its distinct characteristic would be to run after anything that moves or runs quickly. Being a mix between an Afghan and a Labrador, the breed is generally considered energetic and active. They can be very calm indoors but outside they tend to run around to expend the tons of energy they usually have. They bark loudly so the Afador can also sound off as a good alarm for the home to ward off intruders or strangers.

The breed gets along well with children, especially older ones, provided they are not harassed. Its life expectancy would be about 10-12 years and needs a lot of supervision as it is prone to injuries and has a low pain threshold. The Afador is classified in the hound group and designer dog group.

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