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Affenpinscher Dog Breed

Also known as the “Monkey Dog,” the name Affenpinscher comes from the German word that means “monkey-like terrier,” affectionately referring to its funny face. In France, they are called “diablotin moustachu” or the “moustached little devil.”

The Affen belongs to the breed group of terrier and is the smallest among the pinschers and schnauzer breeds, tipping the scales within the range of 7 to 8 pounds and growing to a maximum height of 15 inches upon maturity. The coat is usually black or dark gray but there may be variations of tan and red. Compact and shaggy, the coat hair is also usually coarse and harsh and this helps protect them on severe climate. They have rounded skulls, and long tails that curve through their erect backs.

Typical of a terrier temperament, the breed is active, curious and extremely playful by nature. Affens are also very affectionate, obedient and easy to train so they make for good family pets. However, they are not suitable for younger children as they have a tendency to be territorial and proprietary when it comes to their food and their toys.

Because they have a very active personality, Affens become easily bored with repetitive activities so owners need to provide them with a varied set of things to do. The breed makes for a good watch dog in the house as well because they are wary of strangers and do not take easily to visitors. As it is a healthy breed by nature, the Affen has a relatively longer life expectancy of 12-14 years.

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