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Aidi Dog Breed

The Aidi is a mountain dog, lean, muscular and excellent for scenting and hunting. It belongs to the group of flock guard as it has been used to protect herds of sheep and goats. In Morocco where the breed originated from, the Aidi is usually paired with the Sloughi when hunting as they make for an excellent tandem of scenting and chasing down the prey.

It has a thick, coarse, weather-resistant coat, a bear-like head that is in proportion to the rest of its solid, hardy body and a heavy plumed tail. Its coat would generally have varying degrees of fawn, brown, black or tricolour. A distinctive feature would be its tapered muzzle with its lips and nose pigmented black or brown and usually matching the colour of the coat.

Alert, active and always ready for action, the rugged Aidi surprisingly can also be a very affectionate, faithful and sensitive dog, ever protective of its owner. For it to be obedient and docile though, it needs a firm and gentle hand and an owner it can acknowledge as the “alpha dog.” It is also not a good pet for children, and not generally recommended as a household pet. As it belongs to the category of the mountain type and the working dog breed, it is ideal for livestock guarding, tracking, kept outdoors in a rural or semi-rural setting, and given lots of space to run around freely. With proper care and attention, the Aidi can live to about 12 years.

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