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Airedale Terrier Dog Breed

The largest of the breed and an all-around useful dog, the Airedale terrier is often referred to as the “King of the Terriers.” It originated from Airedale, in Yorkshire England and has been originally bred to hunt otters in and around the valleys of the River Aire, hence it earning the name Waterside Terrier. The Airedale has a long and flat head, its ears V-shaped which fold slightly to its head and forward. It has a double coat – the outer layer is hard, dense and wiry, and an inner layer that is shorter and soft. The colors include tan head, ears and legs, black or black mixed with grey and white saddle. Its tail is long and sits high on its erect back.

The Airedale terrier is naturally lively, fairly friendly with strangers, intelligent, pleasant and loyal – all the right elements for a companion dog. As they also display herding characteristics, the breed can be used as a working dog and with the propensity to chase animals, a hunting dog. Sensitive and fairly responsive, it can be trained to a degree where it can do well in various dog sports that will display its agility and intelligence. They thrive on pleasing humans with their antics but can be very stubborn as well. The Airedale terrier is not suitable for small space living as they get easily restless and bored, and are not ideal as playmates for small children as they can play too rough. It is a hardy breed and can live to about 12 years.

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