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Akbash Dog Breed

Akbash comes from the Turkish word “akbas” meaning “white head,” and this massive flock guard dog is definitely solid white. Also called the Coben Kopegi or the Akbas, this elegant, rare and pure breed is a natural guardian that displays strong protective and even maternal instincts over the livestock it is watching. Its white double coat is weather-resistant, non-smelling and it doesn’t mat because the hairs are coarse. With a massive head, powerful jaws, strong and muscular neck, a long tail that reaches down to its hocks, the Akbash is also equipped with a keen sense of hearing and impressive strength.

This is a serious working dog breed so it is not recommended for first time dog owners, nor for the sole purpose of companionship. Barking and patrolling are their primary means of defense, so they’re best kept outdoors at night. They don’t do well in small spaces either and are better off placed where they have a job to do. Although completely dedicated to its owner, its primitive instincts as a watchdog and protector makes them naturally aggressive. They can stand up against bears,coyotes and wolves but can be very gentle towards infants of their livestock and bond strongly with them that they will flock behind their guardian when attacked by wildlife. Once bonded, it will not hesitate to give up its life for the safety of their charges. Because it is fiercely independent, the Akbash dog can act swiftly and without guidance in emergency situations. Intelligent, courageous and loyal, this working dog breed can live up to 11 years.

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