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Akita Inu Dog Breed

Considered the national dog of Japan and one of seven breeds designated as a Natural Monument, the Akita is a versatile and first class breed with many uses – for police and military work, as a hunting dog, a sled dog, a waterfowl retriever dog among others. In Japan, it is considered a sacred and a good luck charm for households to have an Akita. There are two types of Akitas: the original Japanese Akita breed, and a separate American standard Akita. They vary in weights and sizes, and whilst the American Akita has a black mask on its face, the original Japanese breed doesn’t have one. It has a massive body, powerful and broad jaws, thick and short neck with distinct ears that are triangular, strongly erect and small in relation to the head. Its double layer of coat has rich and brilliant hues of white, brindle or pinto.

Akitas are known as loyal and intelligent dogs. Affectionate and good with children, Japanese mothers are even said to leave their small ones under the supervision of Akitas. It should be noted however that they can be destructive when they get bored and get spontaneous when excited so they should still be watched when playing with children as they can also get snappy, and bite when provoked. The Akita is also a highly dominant dog so the lines of authority must be clearly and firmly defined, otherwise it will assert itself as the “leader of the pack.” It loves being around people and with a firm and gentle training, the Akita can be an excellent pet.

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