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Alano Espanol Dog Breed

The “Spanish bulldog” is a molosser – that is, a large, sturdy dog originating from Molossia. It belongs to the Mastiff group and is a very ancient breed used in the past for four basic purposes: 1) for wild cattle and big game handling; 2) bullfights; 3) guard and defense, and 4) for war. Nowadays the Alano Espanol is mainly used for cattle hunting and handling. It is built to be a fast and powerful runner with strong front legs and paws larger than that of the other dogs its size. The breed has a large and strong head with a massive and muscular neck typical of bulldogs. Legendary for its strong and firm bite, the Alano has wide teeth that are well separated as well as a powerful set of jaws. Coat colors range from yellow and wolf grey, fawns and reds with a black mask.

Although they are affectionate towards people and can be submissive to its owner, the Alano is difficult to housebreak so it’s best to keep it outdoors. They can also withstand both hot and cold temperatures, both dryness and humidity. Despite their size and serious expression, it can be extremely patient and good with children, reliable, stable and very obedient. Bred to function in packs as a team, the Alano is pretty sociable around other dogs as well. As hunting and handling dogs, it is a tireless, fearless and devoted hard worker, foregoing feelings of pain or fear until the job is done. They can climb trees with amazing cat-like agility and are capable of leaping to great heights.

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