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Ultimate Guide to All Things Naked Online

Sometimes sitting in front of a laptop screen all day long I get bored. Bored of staring at stats and wondering about people. I've categorized the various people who visit the site and analyzed them based on how they got here.

1 Naked Girls
People who are searching for naked girls are generally men between the ages of 30-45, sitting at their computer after a long day of working and are well looking for stimulation of a unique type. Normally I would laugh at this type of data and say perverts but as I get older I can understand and have sympathy for them. Instead of spending so much time online searching for naked girls they should ready a good book on Amazon. No seriously please leave the site and go read a good book.

2 Megan Fox Naked
Alright I confess. I think it may have been me that accidently typed Megan Fox into the Brainz Search Engine looking,hoping,praying desperately that naked pics of Megan Fox showed up. She never did. I really should have returned to working. Instead I sorted through all our archives hoping I missed something.

3 Naked News
Naked News is quite the internet hit. It's a site where naked women undress while broadcasting the news. I'm not a huge fan of the news. However if we could convince a half a dozen women to flyfish naked I'd be willing to watch that.

4 Miley Cyrus Naked
Miley Cyrus is the hit of all teenie boppers. She's the next well she's basically established her own niche and she owns it. But to all those old sick bastards looking for Miley Cyrus Naked won't find her here. Only place to do that is in her shower and you will get arrested if you go there so give it a rest and read something more interesting like the DOD Budget Audit for 2009.

5 Vanessa Hudgens Naked
Don't worry folks we've got your covered. Vanessa Hudgens regularly posts naked pics online so no need to fret she's the most overexposed celebrity I can remember, ever. Head over here for more Vanessa Hudgens Pics

6 Naked Celebrities
Celebrities spend more money than anyone on makeup and plastic surgery. So seeing them naked actually makes me sick thinking about it. Please folks if you are looking to see naked celebrities, take a look at your wife or girlfriend naked, but they have all the same parts. That is unless her name is Lady Gaga.

9 Erin Andrews Naked
Erin Andrews is beautiful. I don't get it though she's just a woman like your wife or girlfriend, same parts, but some people are really attracted to her. They keep dropping by here every day looking for those photos and video of Erin Andrews. Don't worry I've got your covered with the Erin Andrews Video

Seriously folks enough nakedness. Especially those people looking for Jamie Foxx naked. I'm so done with looking at naked dudes.

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