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Amridge University

Amridge University, formerly known as the Southern Christian University, is located in Montgomery, Alabama. It is an independent coeducational institution affiliated with the Churches of Christ.

The university started as a theological seminary to train ministers in Bible and Christian Counseling back in 1967 but has then expanded its offerings to 13 undergraduate degree programs, 13 Master’s level programs, and 6 Doctoral programs all with different majors/concentrations. Amridge has 4 major schools and colleges namely the College of Business and Leadership, College of General Studies, School of Human Services and Turner School of Theology. The most popular classes in Amridge are those under the liberal arts.

All undergraduate degree programs have counterpart distance learning programs offered in the form of online programs. Some graduate and post-graduate degree courses are also available online.

Reviews and statistics have indicated that Amridge is among the top 3% in the United States when in comes to the percentage of the total student population that is over the age of 40. This reflects the school's commitment to continuing education although the online programs may also be a contributing factor.

Amridge is an open admission institution with an acceptance rate of 100%. Admissions requirements include an application fee of $50, an Official Transcript, a letter of recommendation, and a filled out application form.

Despite their open admission policy Amridge is still a small university with a total number of students of 740 in 2007 with an excellent student to faculty ratio of 9:1.

The average tuition cost in Amridge has dropped significantly going from $10,400 to $6240 for undergraduate programs. Graduate tuition is $9,180. Room and board is not available on campus. Quoted average rates for off-campus room and board for students not living with their own family is $9,600.

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