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Anthony Heath: A Voice to Be Heard

With so many voices deserving to be heard, one which catches your ear and holds tightly gives no choice but to listen. Especially when it’s a sound like that of Anthony Health. Lost in the murky abyss of mainstream music is a rising underground pool of incredibly talented songwriters, singers, and artists. This group’s dedication to the craft is impressive considering the amount of work they do managing their day jobs and/or family responsibilities in addition to pursuing their craft. One member of this group belongs to Anthony Health whose voice is one that needs to be heard.

Hailing from the rolling foothills of Upstate New York and raised in the 3,000 person town of Guilford, New York, Health applies the wisdom he’s earned during his 25 year journey to the simple strum of an acoustic guitar. As the youngest of six children, Health was left to his own devices as he grew up in the country without peers nearby to explore with. Comfortable in creating his own types of fun, Health picked up the guitar while he was in the eighth grade and confessed that he was “horrible at it.” Despite this self analysis, Health joined a punk band which fell apart because it was “hard to keep together” and began writing songs from home with the intent that he’d have something to fall back upon if his next band also dismembered. Health fell in and out of bands, bringing the fabric of his songwriting material with him, until the age of 21 when he met a woman who changed his life. A four year hiatus from music followed, during which he concentrated on his personal life - a time which, in his words, he “got real boring.”

During 2011, Health re-evaluated the direction of this adventure called life following significant personal transformations. After weighing of all of the potential “what ifs” involved in living the “domesticated life,” Health began to write again. And (thankfully for the rest of the world) reached for his guitar during January 2012 - almost precisely four years since he had set it down.

The results are refreshing yet haunting in a surreality which mingles passion and heartache, loneliness and being part of the crowd, and the stark unraveling truthfulness of the ancient dance between Man and Woman. There’s little more powerful than grappling heartache, a strong drink, and the transparency of reality. Health’s abilities are well beyond exceptional and border sheer genius. His music is like your favorite drink - a generous shot of a young Ben Gibbard, with a sprinkle of a less growlish version of Tom Waits’ wisdom, and topped with the ability to render an audience shaken, not stirred.

See for yourself by listening to Health perform at an Upstate club, coffee shop, cafe, or festival or by listening to his music on Reverbnation. Go here for more.

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